Welcome Roo

This page is pretty much one of those, “Hey, you’re new here, so … Welcome.”

And yes, that’s my little sweetheart…  and her Elephant frens…   though now she’s kinda attached to this green frog….  I guess we could call her Ellaribbit for awhile instead of Ellaroo

Gosh, ya know… sometimes scrapbooking can be corny… but man it TUGS at my wittle heart strings… haha…  coz looking at this just floods my brain with all the fuzzy feelings I felt when I was at the hospital meeting this little lady for the first time…


So anyway, there’s nothing terribly complicated going on in this page… Kinda od’s on pink brads…  The hearts are actually tags made with one of those presses. And I just tied em around the ribbons with hemp.
And I don’t know what is about those little flowers, but I love them… and use them often.  I think every one of my christmas cards last year had a couple of em…

Karen: “GO TO BED”
Fitty: “Yes mam!”


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