Card: I love you

this was made with CTMH stuff.  And… a nail file…

ha…  but they sell nail file substitutes at CTMH, I just didn’t have one handy…  And I’m trying my hardest not to just purchase everything they make…  but it’s hard.

So anyway…
The stamps I used are all actually from one set…. It’s called “A Flitter” A1108.
Ok, I lied…  the one stamp that looks like a keyhole is actually an old school ctmh stamp on a wood block.  They don’t make em anymore… *sigh*  but that’s good… coz the clear blocks make it much easier for your stamp to end up where it’s supposed to…

The little circles are “Dimensional Elements”. I glued red paper to the top and then filed the edges and dipped em’ in brown ink.  Well, to be specific, I swiped them over the ink pad… no real dipping happened…

And the inside leaves room for that love poem you wrote for that someone whom you never shared your love for…  before….   Until now, coz you’re probably gonna make a card like this and GO FOR IT!

Anyway, I guess I’m a little late for Valentine’s day…

But I declare here and now that we should start a new movement.  A throw back to the old days when people actually used ink and paper and wrote with their hands and folded it up like a football and threw it onto someone else’s desk…

I mean…  mailed it. 🙂

My point is… anytime is a good time for a hand made card.  And anyone would be shocked as all &*^^ to get one in the mail.

Goodnight Sunday…


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