Neat Ideas from CTMH

So Close to my Heart makes a lot of neat little things like this besides just your run of the mill scrapbooks.

I ended up with a lot of nice photos from Easter, and I didn’t want to just put em’ in a book, so I decided to feature some of them in this Acordian style scraptastic thingie.  ha…

You can see the various items here: 3D Creations  The one I used here is called “Memory Showcase”, it comes in two sizes at the bottom of that page I linked.

I didn’t really get too fancy with this, I wanted it to be pretty clean. I did some stamping, included some dimensional elements on the first and last pages… and brads and ribbon.. etc.

Anyway, it makes a great gift as well as something different to display around the house.
Perfect if you want to isolate an event, or a tribute to someone, or even a group of family photos to throw on the mantel.

Anyhoo, night night folks 🙂

Yes, I had two bowls for dinner: One filled with cheerios, and one filled with peas.
 There’s no rules when it comes to PHOOD!


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