ACEO cards

Art Card, Editions, and Originals.

Also known as the ATC – artist trading card.

Art small enough to be mailed.  Small enough to be traded.  Apparently, according to Wiki- they started in the 90’s in switzerland.  So this little idea isn’t that old.  And I must say I’ve spent a lot of time admiring other artist’s ATC’s, but furnishing none of my own.

But now I’ve finally started, and I posted some on etsy for trading or selling.

they’re getting so popular now, that art companies and the sort are making a variety of holders just for these little mini arts. And you can find a bunch of magazines and books entirely regarding ATC’s.

I treat em’ as mini collages most of the time.  Though occasionally I’ve just made them entirely a small painting. But really you could do anything.  As long as it fits on a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 card, go for it.  

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