I’m tryin’ to finish her first year scrapbook by the time she turns 1… But I’ll leave some room at the end for the actual birthday pics. So far I have an parade of random pages…  so I’m now going back to fill in the holes… (I keep thinking about my un-born, un-conceived second child Henry and how I’m probably not gonna do this for him…  but hey, I’ll think about and really really really feel guilty…  often…)

In any manner….   I guess it goes for any kind of art… sometimes you get so drunk on it.
I have this photo of Daryl and Eleanor, and even though it’s a little fuzzy…  it’s just so sweet. And when I was making this page, It just plainly made me feel fuzzy.
So I decided to make it the opener.  It’s not her first picture taken… but she’s still pretty new…

So… anyway…when it’s for me, I tend to get a little messier.  This page has lot of extra’s…                                       First of all, that Somerset magazine…  I ALWAYS find interesting pictures in there. As well as all the other stuff… but I’ve used pages from that magazine in my art from time to time.

 big ol’ bunch of flowers…

why not?
And I found this great “ribbon” at AC moore.  Though it looks more like curtains…                                The birdie is cut out of somerset with the micro scissors… and those foam stickies make it stand up a bit…
Ok well…  Roo is doin’ a bongo solo right now, so I’ll be back later…   I may be pulling an all- night scrap off with myself…  


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