Feets feets feets

So…  instead of going to bed early, I had some peanutbutter cup blizzard and some chai with whippy.  And this is what came out of it…

And honestly, these kinds of pages are my favorite… kinda borderline altered or collaged… but still work as a scrapbook page…   All I know is I have gel medium… spray glue… and paint all over me.

If you’ve never worked with Gel Medium, YOU MUST! It actually works great as a transfer on canvas. You can take a picture, swipe a coat of gel medium on it, paste it onto your project, let it dry, and then peel it back, and TADA! It’s transferred onto your art!  (in backwards style of course)  And if you’re working on a canvas, you can actually wash it off and the paper clears, but the ink stays.

In this particular work, I transferred some pages from an old children’s book… Another great transfer is sheet music. Paper paper works better than photo paper because it peels easier…    Ya know.. paper paper…  ha…

Ok then…. I’m off to wash some stuff off a babies knees ….



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