So we all have some “hospital” pics… Wait… scratch that…  I’ve heard many birth stories… and many of them involve kiddie pools and living rooms and burying placentas in the backyard….
But I digress…. Anyway… I saved the bands roo and I wore at the hospital.  And I wanted to include them somehow subtlety. And I think you almost don’t notice them…  

Ok, I guess you do notice them… but the monkeys are more apparent…

so there’s some acrylics happening here… which do well on paper.  Don’t seem to make it bendy. I guess if you poured a bottle of acrylic paint on the page… damage would happen. But a branch here and there…  a breeze for a heavy scrap paper! And on a side note: Do trees ever go out of style?  Not in my book… but I’m the one with a tree tattooed up the side of my body so I guess my opinion doesn’t count…
 I don’t know what I’m saying really… it’s borderline babble and very non-imformative!  I apologize…  roo roo and I were just dress shopping at the mall for 3 hours…  We did stop for dinner though… so that took up some of that time. 

I will shut up now!  yay!

I wish you all a happy Friday in one hour and 15 minutes!  
Thanks for browsing my blog!
 there are no monkeys

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