HEY! sunday nighters…

So… been blog slacking.. it happens….

So here’s that scrapbook I attempted to “make”

It didn’t turn out all that bad…
I thought this type of thing might be cool if you wanted to do separate scrapbooks for events or holidays…  For example, if I wanted an entire scrapbook of just Christmas...  I could go hunt some cool Christmas fabric and make a special book…. just a thought…

So anyway,  the stuff I used,  which I kinda mentioned before…

*modge podge
* book board
* material
* batting
* screw posts
* needle and thread
– and that’s it!
and I decorated with some buttons and made a loop latch…  so as far as decorating, that’s up to you.

I’m not quite finished.  My goal was before her first birthday, which was a month ago…  I got it in a finished “looking” way…  but I need to add some pages…

Here’s a couple finished pages…     
I do often go back and throw out pages… it’s that whole look at it later and it all of sudden sucks thing that happens.  But generally the pages I end up loving the most are the ones I did the fastest… and usually the latest in the day.. or earliest in the morning. Ya know… like I’d say the magic hours are between midnight and 3am. I recently heard someone say that their “art” comes out at night.  And it’s sooo true.  When it’s the middle of the night and I’m tired, I get the best results…  

on that note… since I already spent last night staying up waiting for my art to come out… I think tonight I’ll just force myself to be in bed at a decent hour…


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