New stuffies

these are my first crack at stuffed animals so be kind…. ha

I will attempt some more this weekend probably…  but they do have a certain charm…
The elephant (yes, it’s an elephant) is a bit awkward…
and the owl (YES, THE OWL)  is kinda….  just a pillow with a face.
but hey, it’s great how honest babies/toddlers are.  They just accept things for what they are.  I don’t think my daughter has met a stuffed animal yet that she didn’t like. So she gladly adopted them into her stuffy family!

I do have some scrappy stuff to post…
just haven’t gotten around to the picture taking yet…

So that’ll happen once I take a break from sewing machine land.  Who knew it could be so addicting!  And a great activity for insomniacs.
I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the juices def. flow better when you’re tired and inspired.



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