Hearts Hearts Hearts

Yes, it’s mush month.
These were some of my entries I threw together this evening for a crop who’s challenges were due 7 minutes ago.

 So after a rough “getting to bed” evening for my little girl, who’s now in my bed with Cliff…  I was determined to get involved at least a little this month…
This scrap group I became a part of in November has proved to be some of the sweetest women I associate with.
And they have online crops every month… and I can never seem to get my act together enough to participate.

But this month, there are 2 mini crops due to superbowl.. and other goings on…

So…  It’s love month, so I decided to add some hearts and flowers…  Ok, flowers are a big part of my usual routine… I know.  But hearts, not so much.   The first thing I got pictured up there is an ATC card. Then we have a 12×12 layout featuring my friend Mo’s lovely daughter Brielyn.

And here we have a pocket card.  A nice little nook for your love note to go…
Well, hopefully I can host a cropping soon…  I hear the darling stirring so I will catch up with you folks later!  Enjoy your Sunday and your football.  I will be enjoying my Sunday by unplugging the TV.


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