A Tubby Collage!

Yes, I’m watching some Gypsy’s get married as I type this… 
as well as really missing my photo editing options on the computer…  but this dinkle laptop is I guess just barely cutting it for now…
So here’s my fry day layout… goes great with an ice cream cone!  And when you want to conserve space with a chunk of photos from the same shoot… just cut out the main event and leave your less than desirable tub out of it and make a new one!
The materials I used are: 
1. Three styles of scrapbooking paper
2. Cut outs from magazines and books
3. Fabrc scraps (on top, and a piece of fleece for towel)
4. Ribbon and lace scraps
5. The birds are cut from a set of notecards
6. crocheted flowers – these are from Closetomyheart.com, but you can get them at craft stores, etsy, or you can make em.
6. And some brads…  I used them to hold the flowers on.
The reason I did a collage type layout is because I was trying to stay away from using anything that ya’ll might not have handy. Like if you said, I wanna do something like this tomorrow, you could without having to go get one of those fancy kitchenaid mixers. 
(I STILL don’t have one… it’s on my “OMG how am I living this long without you!” list.)
And since Youtube doesn’t allow you to steal other people’s music for your videos.. (heh… I’m no theify!), I decided to use some of the house mixes I was involved in with Beatlevel back in the day.. Though Beatlevel is officially broken up, Chris (Subject English) and Manish ( Oddme) have gone on to create their own mixes… so I asked them to let me use them for my videos! So you may want to just have a dance party instead of actually scrapbooking during this video….  hahaa…
So here it is!  I’m still kinda working on the camera kinks…  I realize I have a real lighting problem in my crafty space so it’s hard to find a good view… especially with my set up right against the wall…
But in this video there’s a good view of the mess that is my papercrafting area… but it’s all good by me…
Have a nice weekend!

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