Season of love… and weddings…

So I’m working on a couple projects involving wedding photos right now.  And the photos I’m using in this week’s featured layout are TO DIE FOR!  Here’s the photographer’s site: .   Just awesome stuff! And even though I asked this couple if I could feature their photos in a layout like… in october… I’m finally getting around to it now.  I’m gonna start organizing that TADA list in a more “like the quickness’ fashion…

Anyway, so I picked two photos of the beautiful bride to feature in this layout.

I know I said last time that I was going to abandon my sewing machine in my future featured layouts because I wanted to keep it simple and doable for those who didn’t have a sewing machine…. but after sneakin’ my way around some scrapbook groups on the interwebs… I realize that most of ya’ll are really interested in incorporating sewing into your layouts.  SO, instead of abandoning it, I’m probably going to feature it… from now on.  Because I use it almost EVERY TIME.  It’s like a coffee habit that’s almost impossible to break at this point.

Products I used in this layout!

  • Three different papers from close to my heart:  Green cardstock, melon cardstock, one paper from the “Dotty” collection (which is on sale right now) and one paper from the “Stella” collection. The stella paper was double sided-so I used half for the photo mat, and half for the rocky looking edge.
  • Red acrylic paint- Usually 89 cents in any craft store.  and a brush…any ol’ brush will do.
  • Ivory thread for the sewing
  • The stamps are from the stamp set: Friendship Boquet
  • Watercolor pencils and water brush are also from close to my heart
  • Microtip scissors to cut em out: MICROTIP SCISSORS 
  • The brads I got from Cranberry Cat scrapbooking supplies: A great site for discounted stuff.  They even carry some pazzles inspiration products.
  • I cut out the frames for the photos with the Pazzles ahead of time.  I basically made a few rectangles on the computer and made the edges wavy with the decorative scissors tool.  Then I made an outline of that shape so I could have a double mat look on the photos.
  • OH, and an ink pad for the stamps. .. and an acrylic block to stamp with…
  • IF I forgot anything, let me know… but that’s all I can think of right now…

Well, it’s saturday morning, and I’m gonna go pull some weeds!



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