Catching up on babyness

So I was re-organizing my photo collection and came across these from when Eleanor was about 7 months old. I can’t believe she was such a ham already… Well, she was a canned ham, and now she’s pretty mobile.

So we started kinda like this… a couple papers, a water squirty pen thing… and some watercolors.
You can see a couple stages of the flowers in this photo. I cut out 2″ scalloped circles, wet them with the squirty pen (any spayer will do… even dabbing a little water and letting it soak in). After they’re good and wet, crinkle em up into balls. Let em’ sit a few minutes, then open em’ up. Don’t open em’ flat because you want that wrinkled look. You can actually start to shape them at this point to how you’d like them to dry.

And though I have the worst handwriting in parts of the world… I love sloppy handwriting for scrapbooking. It just becomes another embellishment. ya know… I hate the word EMBELLISHMENT. I don’t know why. It’s like… too good for itself or something. embellish… maybe we should shorten it to bellish. Let’s BELLISH THAT PAGE! But that page is nothing like a bell although if it chimed, I’m sure it’d sound like Elvis on a tuesday night. Saturday has a higher probability for brain-power diminishing activity. Then again… shut up fits.

Long story short… and without further interruption.


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