Getting ready for July 4th

So, it would seem I’m only a year behind on my scrapbooking… because I’m using last year’s 4th of July photos…  but I’m actually way more behind than that on my own family stuff…  My method for getting my own scrapbooks done is pretty much… I dive into the photos, and whatever one gives me an idea.. I go for it.  So there are many many holes to fill, but it doesn’t really matter. If I don’t force it, the results are much better!

Anyway, so as you guessed, this layout if 4th of July inspired.  And since I had SOOO many pictures of Roo in that little patriotic dress dancing around on my mom’s lawn… I needed to find a way to incorporate a whole good chunk of them on one layout. And honestly… I usually have a rule about too many photos on one page…  it makes it a lot harder to please the eye. But in this case, luckily her actual body on the 4×6′ pics was small enough to cut them all down to just feature her and not the extra feet of carpety green.  So I made these little polaroid frames on my cutting machine ( and I inked them instagram style. They are ADORABLE!  So simple, but ended up to be my favorite part of the layout.  I did make extra and put them in my etsy store in case anyone doesn’t have a machine, these are already inked and ready to go. POLAROIDS

I think this was one of the first dresses I made for ROO. She got to wear it twice because we also went to a carnival my husbands band BONEHEAD was playing at and she danced the ENTIRE time in this dress. I think she was trying to steal the show from her Dad…


So anyway, here’s one idea for a 4th of July layout! I’m actually a month ahead with this! TADA! I will try to get more July 4th cuts in my store before the actual day! I started an etsy store… then I didn’t like the name, so I closed it and just opened another using another account. So there’s not much there just yet, but I’m working on it! Enjoy the fasty hands show!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!

And don’t forget to MAKE ART! Even if it’s a cherry tomato sculpture to bring to the office! It’ll make at least 2 people happy!


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for July 4th

  1. julia christine stephen says:

    Please…you’re only a year behind! Your own photos always get put to the side, lol 🙂

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