Little girls… *sigh*

I’m going to try to enjoy this time while I have it.

-While she still lets me take 700 photos in a day.

-While she helps me with the outside work.

-While she doesn’t mind getting dirty.

-While she thinks watering the vegetables warrants a “special” outfit. (well, that probably won’t change… )

   and I’m pretty sure those   hand dimples will be gone soon… 


So I went to a scrapbook expo yesterday, and I have to say there was little to inspire.  No real trendy stuff going on, but it was still fun to walk around and browse.  There was one stand that stood out,  I would said besides the october afternoon booth, this was one of the only other that I spent some real minutes at.  So I’m definitely going to check out some more online.  The two little cards popping out of the top of this layout are from Jenni Bowlin.  Super cute vintage style stuff. 

I had started this layout friday night, then finished it up this morning. I had so many good photos from last saturday that I was hard to just use one here, but I think this one stands alone quite well. 

The main thing here is a popped up layered look.  I used some Color mist Sprinklers from October Afternoon to mist the background.. Actually, I misted the background and on top of all the pieces, so the photo ended up with some ink on it, but I just wiped it off her face and left most of the rest of it.   The spraying water in the photo already kinda looked like that, so I figured it really didn’t make a difference.


So Eleanor and I had a fun couple weekends.  Now we have to get work on July 4th stuff,  she’ll need a special outfit I’m sure.  She’s already asking me when we’re going to make her Princess Dress.  (every dress is a princess dress to her…   and her puma sneakers she calls her ballerina shoes…  ?) 

Like I said, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts and I wish it could last forever…  Little girls are just sooo stinkin cute!


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