So… I’m still putting the pieces together to try to make a functional computer.  
The one I’ve put together now is just missing sound… And the ability to play vid back without a hiccup. So I may have to bring the monitor back to moms and get speakers… And I’ll just have to deal with the hiccups. 

I’ve still been piecing pages together on the side. I somehow figured out how to print a photo from instagram. I don’t remember exactly but It involved emailing it to myself. And I somehow got to a version of it that was large enough to print nicely. It actually printed perfectly.

One of the last collage pics I posted to instagram I loved so much I had to use it for a page. I’ve been kinda saving the iPhone app photos for my smash book, but this one needed to be bigger.  


This page had a partner, but I’m still not sure if I like it…  

So hopefully I can get back to some videos for my new scraptastic youtube frens, but for now it’s just not possible.  I’d use my iphone but I only have an 8 gigger, so it’s got little mem left to hold a big flix. .. plus I’d need one of those spidery camera holders to hold it above my station… 

bleh bleh

who cares!

Going to bed. I think.


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