Digital scrap


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it just got easier…


Close to my heart has this great ONLINE software you can use to make digital scrapbook pages.  You have a lot of artistic freedom like you always did, but now they’ve got what they call “express layouts”. 

So if you don’t want to think, you don’t have to!  They’ve made layouts for you that are adorable!


There are a bunch to choose from, you just pick the one you want, and slide your pictures over onto it. 

And when you slide in your photo, you’ll see this window pop up with more options for editing your photo.  You can change it to sepia or black and white. You can zoom in or out.  You can crop, rotate, and matt it!

And the prints come out beautiful.  I’ve made books on snapfish, shutterfly, walgreens, cvs, blurb, and Studio J.  And I’ve loved every one of them.  But the biggest difference I noticed between the photo sites and Studio J is the quality of the photos.  The pages in my photo books seemed to have faded over time and my Studio J prints are still as bright as when I first got them.  They are 12 x 12 high quality prints. Perfect to just slide into your favorite scrapbook.  Also a nice idea to make one here and there and add it into your project life books.

So check it out, play around!  I know you’ll love it if you have very little time and want to make something special!






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