Dunt Dunt DAAAAA!

Since New Jersey is at the mercy of the impending doom approaching..  Roo and I decided we might as well get arty and crafty in case all our supplies end up in a van down by the river in the upcoming days.

Another thing I’m glad we were able to squeeze in before the end of the world was the trip to Storybook Land this past friday! And I got some great shots of my sweetie so I was very eager to get some of em’ down in the album.


I didn’t use any sewing this time… I decided a staple here and there was good enough.


So I cut out a bunch of 1″ circles from one of my papers… and I looked at my swiss cheese paper and said… hey, why not just throw this down too? It does match… and it makes a neat frame… It’s like when you have no stickers left on the sheet and what’s left is the borders.  Why not use it?

It’s true.  I’m all about the TRENDY when it comes to crafts. And the currents trends include fabric, handwriting, and… chevron. There are others, but that’s a dominant component in what I’ve seen lately.

Oh, and I forgot to mention my usage of my black pen.  I pretty much use one of those for every page. This one was the one that came with my smash book. It has a glue stick on one end but I must say it just plain don’t werk!


So despite all the nervous unknowing… we have had an outstanding Sunday so far. We went to movie church, gave our wallets to the person next to us, (we prob. won’t need em much longer anyway…) stopped to gather snacks and pizza, had a couch bed picnic, watched 7 episodes of Adventure Time,washed all the washables, collected water, and got our art on. And now for some pumpkin carving…  I know… better late then NEVER EVER AGAIN EVER IN THE EVERNESS OF THE WORLD!

So stay safe my friends!  And just remember, you can get crafty without power… but you can’t pick your friends nose.  ..  ..  I mean, you can get your art on without your pants on, but you can’t dry your dog in the rain if the rain is the wet kind.

Keep your pants on.  THERE’S ONE RULE!!


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