Halloween in November


If you don’t plan to scrapbook any other Halloween, plan to do this years. When has Halloween ever been in November?

I couldn’t help but start with this photo because it’s my favorite. It just… looks like I swiped it out of one of my mom’s old photo albums.

We tricked and treated around Grandma’s neighborhood just for a couple hours in the cccccooolld.  But from the looks of their collections of goodies, we could’ve said we were out all day.

This is mostly made up of Jennie Bowlin stuff.  A think I stole the yellow and grey polka dot paper from a Studio Calico kit…  and the instagram button. I just LOVE that. Even though this photo wasn’t an instagram… it looks like it should’ve been.

Up in the top right corner where the scalloped circle is… well the main purpose of that is to cover up a BOOBOO! lol… I frequently get a little quick with the ink pad and end up dropping it on the paper.  So that’s what happened here, i got a big smudge of brown ink up there and I just didn’t like what it did for the page.  So I just punched out a circle and covered it.

IT’s THURSDAY! my fave day! Except for my head hurtsness…. errgh.
And looking forward to some time with friends tomorrow night!… and the next night…
and… hopefully in there do some Holiday decorating around here!

fitts Mcfinister!


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