Jersey Smash

Here’s just another smashed page from another good day in Jersey Pennsylvania!
I know a lot of bad days have been going around due to the past couple weeks of nightmare weather, and I can’t even begin to understand the devastation that some people are dealing with now… but I know there are gobs of good days to be had and are starting to get made in the making of being made to be making good of more days…. of noodles… and noodling noods of needles. Yes. SMASHThe too light blue paint fumes are seeping through my skull and I can’t be held accountable for what words make up this post.
In other news:
I’m postponing the first workshop due to power outages and the like… Not having the interwebs just kinda held up my supplies and togetherness puttings. So… now that it’s back, it’s time for thanksgivings already!!! AHHHH I can’t believe it. Nough’ said. Time to think about a different color to paint these walls…


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