Hand turkeys

Just a quick post to wrap up Thanksgivings and move onto to Santa!  ( I think I skipped Halloween?  I’ll catch up later…)

Besides eating, We did this!!:

My fren Shannon sent me a link from Pinterest of this “todo” on Thanksgiving, and since I already had a blank canvas of a table cloth on my little kitchen table, I decided I might as well get it decorated!

Though Roo kinda made 28 prints of her hand so it might be hard to compare if I tried to add to it next year…  but we’ll think of something…  Maybe I could cut out sections and sew em onto a “new” cloth…

And I just thought I’d share another idea that I kinda transferred from my craft room to the mantel.  I kept messing with hanging up photos in the dining room, and in the end the dining room wall is still naked and I just threw this puppy up on the mantel.

I am very short-term relationship when it comes to decorating.  I just use the same stuff around my house and move it to new spots… Like these picture frames.  I got most of em’ at a thrift store… but it’s funny how once people see stuff in your house, they tend to collect it for you if they come across it for free.  So I’ve had neighbors and friends surprise me with empty frames for my decorating.  This one was in my kitchen framing the area of magnetic paint that I had my “cheeseburger language words” on.  But since I repainted the kitchen and took it down, It was free for a new purpose.

In my craft room, I had photos hanging on a few lines of twine like this just as a kinda “on deck to be scrapbooked”.  So I tied some more twine around the sides of this frame and hung some “not to be scrapbooked” photos. And if you don’t have clothespins, paper clips work well too. You can been neat and symmetrical, or messy and overlappy.  I think this what I did is somewhere in-between.  Or you could just keep adding to it and you print new photos.  I dug up some old ones for this just to enjoy that little *sigh* of  remembering whens.

And now my TADA (to do) twine is bare!   And I really like that visual “to do” so photos I really like don’t get lost in a box somewhere, so I better re-fill it!

And now onto some Merry Merry Craftings! 
Hope you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo


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