It IS super easy!

Is is sooo easy to throw a layout together in less than 30 minutes and still say “Yes. Instead of throwing that away, I will hang onto it!”

There is very little involved here…

1. Three different papers

2. Some letter stickers

3. A couple velum arrows

4. A few brads

5. A a touch of sewing and doodling.

ALL optional.

I threw together this super short vid… it’s just a series of photos showing the very short evolution of this layout. Just to throw it out there that YES, you can do some scapbooking on a weeknight! I did this page on a thursday night in about 33 minutes. I used the December Studio Calico kit exclusively! Joining kit clubs I think is a great way to be inspired every month. It keeps things fresh and exciting!
I will be starting one in January for those of you who need a little push! And I will post some ideas along with each kit to get the juices flowing!

The video is not so great, I apologize… but it was the best I could do with my current set up here… 🙂


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