Fashion Show Music

Sometimes … life is really stinky.

And it makes you wonder how things like this:

wlNOEFWINTERfit into it.

She’s next to me now telling me how her baby bear is growing up too fast as she’s drawing on the chalkboard wall. The thought of her growing up makes me want to cry because I feel like the world isn’t good enough for her. I feel like I’m not good enough for her sometimes too…

But we try to have fun as much as possible. EINYRT

These are pics from last weekend when we got a dusting of snow. We enjoyed it until the afternoon sun melted it almost away.

Our house got flipped, turned upside down…  well, two houses and we didn’t bother to pick em up. They were just as much fun knocked over.

Hopefully we’ll get enough snow to build a third house this weekend!

So this page was from pics of her popping her head through that side window of the knocked over house:

I plan on doing some of the other pics from that day this weekend.


Because keeping up with PL is actually easier than I thought. I don’t do a pic from every single day..  but at least a highlight or two each week. We may have to dig into making some Valentine Cards for her classmates this weekend also…

I’m bad about tracking my materials …  there’s not too much stuff involved that didn’t come from a SC kit. The embossing powder and heat gun I’ve had forever from being a CTMH consultant. But you can get that anywhere… Any craft supply store would have it.  You can also get it from me if you wanted?  lol.

I just watched a video by a well known scrapbooker, Shimelle Laine, and she talked about how Scrapbookers kinda hide their hobby from those who aren’t into it.

And it’s so true, because we feel it’s not something that is a respected by most people as more than a waste of time.  I get crappy comments like “you must have nothing better to do.” But I think it’s important to leave time for things you enjoy…even if you’re  a single mom of 17…  I didn’t have much time for it when Roo was a screaming baby 24/7 but now she can do it with me… or any other art project she wants to at the time. It’s the perfect kid bonding time.  So if it’s between watching TV every night and scrapbooking… which one is a waste of time?

Here is the making of this last layout:

Twelve by 12′ ROO flower layout

Enjoy!  And it’s probably going to be a great night for staying indoors so craft on my frens!

p.s  I wish I had some good fashion show music to go with this vid…   dang.

xo fittsnersalad


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