This is nothing new and exciting..  just an idea that I pulled onto the rotation for the week! I thought it was the perfect idea to use up scraps of ribbon and scraps of cardstock.

Honestly, I never bothered to do cards for Eleanor’s class before…  (bad mommy) I was just never big on making cards on a regular basis.

But this year I thought I’d redeem myself and do the 20 cards and be done with it! And turns out, It was the perfect activity for Eleanor and my niece Norah to do together this past weekend. They picked out some Christmas ribbon… Dora Ribbon… Spongebob Ribbon…etc.



And it was also a great way to use up a bunch of that ribbon that’s just collecting in a box that I probably won’t ever use all of.
I only used a little bit of this lace trim because I do use that quite often..

Anyway so here’s what you’ll need:

1. Ribbon, trim, or fabric scraps

2. Card stock

3. Some kinda glue,  I used Liquid glass…(Elmer’s would prob do the trick too, but I think Roo ate it all… I mean…  dumped it in a bucket and dipped her hands in and pretended she was getting a paraffin manicure.)

4. Scissors



A. Cut hearts out of squarish peices of cardstock.

( I totally used my die cut machine… I can’t lie, I was just being lazy and didn’t have enough safety scissors around.  If you have a big heart punch?!? )

B. Cut strips of ribbon no bigger than your square.

You can either buy blank cards from the craft store, or fold your own cardstock to make the actual card.

C, D- See visual below:photo 1


There are several ways you can attach the heart.

I sewed all of mine on…  but if you don’t have a sewing machine;

You can glue them,  affix them with brads… even staple them…


So that’s the main event… after that you can either leave em like that, or add some stamping or words. I just added a little decorative border stamp underneath the heart. I was looking for some kinda smooshy word stamp at first, but I gave up and figured the heart showed enough love on it’s own…

And that’s it. Clean, simple, and easy.

oh, and here’s our new friend Kevin… he wanted to say hi and that he loves you.


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