Scrapbooking with Fabric

I’m still working my way through all the lovely fabric I inherited from my Grandmother but I have to say I’ve made quite a dent in it so far. I like to sew, but I also use fabric in my scrapbooking quite often.

And after watching Shimelle Laine (LOVE HER!) on youtube going on a glitter girl adventure about how to use fabric in your scrapbooking  (click for the vid), I decided to do one to follow it up.


Scrapbooking with fabric- not like rocket science. not like baking. not like whistling. Though you may whistle while you scrapbook with fabric. Unless you can’t whistle, then you may just want to put on some counting crows.

There are so many ways to use fabric in your scrapbooking.

You can:

1. Use scraps of it as a banner

2. Use it as a matt for your photos

3. Roll it up and use it as a large embellishment.

4. Cut strips and make an interesting background on your page.

5. Sew it on in blocks for a quilty look.

6. Staple it on and fray the edges for a grungy look.

7. Stamp on it for a vintagey look!

The basic rule is:  Treat fabric just like you would paper in your scrapbooking.

This recent layout was probably the biggest chunk I’ve ever used. I meant to just sew it around my photo for a matt…  but I ended up using the fabric itself as the main background because it had a nice snowy look. And being that it had that embroidered background, I felt like it didn’t need much embellishment on top.  I just added some brads, a banner and a piece of crocheted trim.

Another technic I used in this layout was the double photo thing. Yes, that’s the official title of this technic!  THE DOUBLE PHOTO THING!  dunt dunt DAA!

I printed the same photo twice: once big in Blk&W, and one again 4×6′ in color.
There wasn’t all that much color in the pic anyway with all the snow. I fiddled around with the placement of the smaller photo onto the large one and ultimately decided I would match it up.

And I love this effect. I actually used to love big photos on my pages, but like everything else, my tastes have changed over the years. Now I rarely go over 4×6′. But in this case, the larger photo became part of the background.

I have a video brooding about the making of this layout… but due to multiple crap-outs of the ol’ puter…  I’m not quite sure when this will come to.



Happy monday night arty frens!


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