Don’t pretend you outgrew stickers!!

IMG_0131So there used to be a Borders in the local mall.  And it’s life there was short…  but while it was there, I enjoyed it’s beans and stationary.  And by beans, I mean brew… and by stationary, I mean PAPERCHASE!    Man, I love paperchase stuff.  Pencils… notebooks, photo albums, lunch boxes, .. and stickers. And when border closed, I went a while without cool stickers… until I started looking around online. And just recently I got the crazy idea to actually search for paperchase products online…  duh.  (btw, paperchase is having a sale right now…  link up there too.  So anyway, me and Roo scored all these juicy sticks right from the source!  Look at those tapes and buses!  C’mon!!

I used to be anti-sticker.  True story.  Well, not anti-sticker in general, but anti-sticker in scrapbooking.  I was like…  NOOOOO… you can’t just slap a sticker down?!  That’s cheesy cheating!  You must stamp it out or draw it or burn that image onto your page!

But then again, stickers have come a long way since I started scrapbooking.  In the beginning it was leave stickers for fall… and it was flip flops for summer and that was about it folks.

I started getting back into the sticker habit when I started teaching piano lessons.  They were my “bribe” for a while…   (didn’t even work half the time!) .. but occasionally upsetting would happen when I withheld them for a bad performance.  (I’m so mean!)

But now I’m def. addicted for my own reasons…  I really can’t say what those reasons are…  but some folks out there are making some pretty sweet sticks and I am eating them up and on the hunt!


Having said that, I do have to admit that scrapbooking is still not the main event for my stickers though.  I use them mostly in my planner…  or just to decorate notes for friends and family…  and also for my students.

So in conclusion.  Give stickers a chance!  They might really get stuck on you…  like for reals…

oh, and here’s a video me and Roo made to express further our enjoyment of the aboved referenced topic.

We started a new series on Youtube called Ladies with Lenses…  It’s just a chance for us to be silly… and share crafty stuff…

So thanks for being here and have a FANTASTIC week!  Weeeeee!


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