Eleanor I love you. More than ice cream.

I know I’ve said this before that I am not a photographer. I just play one on TV. However, 18,678,334,468,499.09 pictures later, I think I may try to actually look into getting a bit more knowledge on the subject. I mean, I at least bought one of those “REBEL T2i for dummies” books when I got this camera a few years ago… and I have to say, I’m still a big fan of this camera. It still gets the job done as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never tried Nikons so I can’t compare… I’ve always had some sort of Canon. And when my nephews were born, they had trouble with r’s, so they called me Aunt Kanen instead of Aunt Karen, so maybe it’s fate. I won’t mess with fate.

And this year starting on July 4th while were at a town fair, I finally let my daughter use my camera. I KNOW… everyone was looking at me thinking… “did she really just give a 3-year her big clunky camera!” Actually… if they didn’t know us I’m sure they thought she was 5 at least… She’s a mature 3. So she put the strap over her head and I showed her which button to push and where to look and 800 pictures later she was hooked. So now we share my camera. And I’m sure she’ll be taking better pictures than me by the time she is 5.

So this photo shoot she staged happened a few weeks ago… but when she was done taking pictures of bear bear and (I don’t know the other one’s name… her cousin Tierney left it here when she slept over after the BTR concert.. Eleanor said she gave it to her… but I have to double check on that.. ;).. ) So let’s just say Bear bear and monkey monkey! When she was done with the camera, she jumped in and asked me to take her photo with them. And I just got around to putting the pics on the computer and for some reason this pic:

just asked to be scraped. So I actually had an idea before I started which isn’t usual. And since I planned on almost exclusively doodling for the page, I decided to print the photo bigger than I usually would. SO I did a little more than doodle, but not much.


And these were just American Crafts pens.  The black is mostly a project life journaling pen.. then I did a bit of coloring in with Tim Holtz distresser markers.


So here’s a process vid for this layout.  I didn’t do them for a few weeks because of poison ivy. .. lol.   Didn’t wanna have to cut out all the itching.. 🙂

xo Fitty


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