Keep Happy in a box, that way you’ll never lose it.


So one of my favorite people to follow on Youtube is a gal who’s channel goes by the name of PAPERSPEAKS.

Her name is Mel and she has a fun sidekick Pat ( a big white gloved pointer ).  She’s a super duper nicehead and she does a lot of hand-made journals and cards and really cool stuff.

She recently posted a challenge to create something that would be like an aid when you’re creatively blocked, or, as she put it, when you’ve lost your mojo.

And it happens to all of us no matter what we’re into.   We play a crappy game of baseball, we sing bad notes, or sometimes we just wanna sit in the corner and cry.  And it’s times like that where even the thing we love doing the most seems like a waste of time.  Though it probably doesn’t seem like it… I feel like that quite often. I just wanna pack up my paper and photos in boxes and try to forget that I ever enjoyed scrapbooking. I start to wonder who I’m doing it for…  Will my daughter dread having her entire life documented in volumes when she’s older?  I’m pretty sure the dog (s) don’t mind.

Well anyhow… what I decided to make for myself was a recipe box just simply filled with photos that I like to look at. Because for me, the photo is what makes me want to scrapbook.  It’s not the scrapbooking stuff…  it’s taking a photo, printing it out and thinking…  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE… this photo is so delicious I could eat it!  And what makes it hard is that I take a gazillion photos a week, so just picking out a few to scrapbook is tricky. So for me ( for you for me… )  scrapbooking isn’t solving my problem of getting photos out of boxes (or hard drives) and into scralbums, it’s just highlighting what’s in the boxes. I may actually get some good ol’ fashioned photo albums and coordinate them with my scrapbooks.  So I can have the bulk of a photo shoot in a photo album, and then the real important stuff in the scrapbook.


So this was one of those CTMH recipe boxes I’ve had forever.   I had two.. but Roo decided to make one also.  She filled hers with smurf.  Who doesn’t get a little happy from a box of smurf?

So I have different sized photos in here, some I took from Pinterest, some I took from my own photo stash, and I just tabbed the tops so I can pull em’ out easy.


So out of all the challenges I’ve missed, I’m glad I was able to sneak this one in, because I think I actually will pick through this box when I’m feeling blue.  There’s plenty more room in it to keep adding stuff so now as I come across something, I can just toss it in there.

Here’s a link to what Mel made to help get her Mojo back.  I love it!

And thanks again Mel for the great challenge idea!  Looks like everyone got a very good something out of it!



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