Hershey Revisual

HP-gardens-group- bench-02

So this is our third trip to Hershey with the kiddies. I think that means it’s officially a tradition… but this was the first time we visited the Gardens there.


This face painter was not only talented… but a face-painting warrior! She battled kids knocking into her and invading her space, she re-painted several times areas roo had wiped off, and she didn’t even flinch when the biggest flying waspy bee thing landed on her ear whilst Nins and I screamed and pointed and went…”omg…omg…OMG..”


I thought it was so weird that Roo would choose to have a unicorn painted on her face and then have it shellacked with glitter…
That last statement is the biggest lie ever.

HP- gardens- group - bench 01

This one needs a caption… I think they were looking for the rock garden on the map… They as in Noah and Eleanor… Luke was contemplating whether he should start that online rocket science course, or just play baseball next weekend.



This one kinda looks like two kids in love running off into big piles of roses to live happily ever after… until one falls down or gets a rose thorn prick and runs back crying for a bandaid. Or until they realize they’re cousins.


Was a good weekend trip as usually. Thanks Aunt Nins for Roo’s b-day present! We had an awesome time!

Oh, and a little side-note about taking a Food Allergy kid to Hershey Park: Don’t know about anyone else’s experience, but so far it’s been one of the easier places to deal with. For some reason the first time I was going to take her there I thought… “OMG, I can’t take her to HERSHEY!?!…” For some reason in my head I just pictured kids running around with peanut butter in their hair and wiping Reese’s peanutbutter cup residue all over the rides… and …etc… But after I dared to go there, I realized that it’s no different than any other amusement park that sells candy and has roasted peanut stands. I just made sure I had her meds close at hand… two sets of EPI pens… and clorox wipes to wipe down any ride or seat that I felt needed wiping.
And as far as restaurants and food in general. The Hershey Park website has all the allergens listed by place so I was able to pick out places she could eat before we even went, and if I wasn’t sure, I could just go to my phone and double-check online. There was a restaurant we ate at in the hotel that I couldn’t find any information about online, so when we got there, I asked the waitress if she had any allergen information and she was very sweet and asked me what her allergies were and said she would go discuss it with the chef. Not five minutes later, the chef himself came out to double-check and ask me what she liked to eat. Long story-short, he made her dinner and brought it out himself and said he used separate cooking pans and utensils and made her a batch of fries with new oil also separate from the rest. I can’t say I’ve ever had any restaurant be so attentive when it came to food allergies. I almost cried I think…

So I give Hershey great marks for that… I should probably write a letter or something…

xo fitts


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