Oh yea… forgot about that…


Meanwhile, in BlogUniversity…

Today’s challenge is to write a post about something that inspired us while re-working our “about me” pages.  Well… not that this blog is meant to be humorous, but when forced to think about myself, the first thing that comes to mind is just a good pile of silly.  So I was inspired to write more about the “silly” in my life.


And by write, I really mean show.  So this post might be cheating because I’m doing more of a visual post then a well thought out lots of words post…  but I like visual.

If you’re my facebook friend, this is the usual stuff I post… I try not to get too personal on facebook… because well you know… conspiracy and world domination and that sorta thing.   No, I will not tell you all the cities I’ve lived in before you could track it through my photos!!

So that’s Norma up there is the fab wig.  She was getting ready for her date with the pile of clothes on the laundry room floor.

This next pic is a bit of a fib because it’s not my dog.  It lives on my sister’s parents-in-law’s farm.  And by golly, I’ve never seen a do like that on a dog before in my life.  It begged to be photographed and pointed out!






And here we have me shopping myself into a Natalie Dee pic.  My goto gal for a quick pick me up laugh.  I give her full credit for this work.  Please visit:  Nataliedee.com




This pic was in response to this frog takeover that was happening at my house.  We’d get home at night and they were EVERYWHERE!  It was nutty.  I hope it happens again.  They were so small and cute!  Who doesn’t love FROGS!  KERMIT PEOPLE!

1016651_613767861996750_1565889926_nAnd this is my best rock fren Kevin ( for those of you new here, my word for Friend is Fren.  I’m not a stellar speller, but I do know how to spell friend on Wednesdays)

So Kevin doesn’t share my enthusiasm for Sprinkles.  End of story.


1017470_588609867845883_659307621_nAnd here’s some un-delicious Pizza.

That’s all the pics I could find right now due to my spectacular fall down the stairs yesterday while carrying a decorative bin and my hard drive full of pics.  I bounced on a few steps.  The hard drive didn’t “bounce” as well as I.  It lost some pieces.  Cracked itself up if you will.  I shouldn’t even add this, but that was not my first time falling while carrying it! So I was already having to hold the usb cable onto it to keep it from falling out while I retrieved files from it.  So this time… I haven’t been successful yet as to find a way to get it to work again.  May need professional help…





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