Simple Doodle Doo

Yes, I’m still working on these photos from the same shoot…  lol.

But this is the last I’ll post about.  (heh)image

She was kinda daydreaming on her bed… made me wish I was a kid again.

So when I saw this pic, i got an instant idea for a doodle layout.

I remember doing a project like this in 7th grade art class.  We cut a picture out of a magazine, glued it to our paper, and then drew out the rest of the picture.  Kinda just extending the photo…

So I did a similar thing with this picture.  I made up most of it.  There are no birds in her room…  but there are little dragonflies on the wall .. so I drew more of them and filled in the top of her name banner… etc…  And who knows, maybe this is how she pictures her room in her head…



It’s a quick and easy way to make a layout if you don’t have a lot of embellishments around.  The only things I used besides the pen and watercolors were some wood veneers, some confetti stars, and a few flags…





6 thoughts on “Simple Doodle Doo

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Who needs embellishments when you can draw and watercolor like you do! Beautiful layout! Love your videos!

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