liebster-award1YES!  I’ve been meeting so many nice bloggy peeps in the past couple weeks, and one of my favorite and most fun to read blogs that I’ve discovered is this one: Pretend to Be Nice. : Teacher moms- on the edge!  It’s written by two lovely ladies, Andrea and Kevil, and they have a endless well-full of advice and humor… and math! So I will probably be calling upon them when my daughter needs help because I will be useless!

So they’ve nominated me for the LIEBSTER blog award!  So thank you to my friends and please go subscribe to them, they are fabulous!

And since I took so long to get this post up, I got nominated again by Uninhibited Ladi!  A real sweet gal who’s love for coffee seems to match mine! So I haven’t gotten to those questions, but I will try to do that real soon.

AND THE RULES ARE: *The nominated user must provide a link bank to the person who nominated them. *Provide 11 facts about yourself. *Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you. *Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.

So here are 11 facts about me.

1.  I ate spaghetti and pickles for breakfast last thursday. It’s not weird. There are no food timing rules.  There aren’t breakfast only foods.  They just want you to think that. Eat what you want when you want!  You’re welcome.

2.  I do not own any donkeys.

3.  I want to live in an old farmhouse with a big barn in the back with just one goat.  Well maybe two if goats like frens.  Not sure. I could consult Andrea if I ever have this opportunity.

4.  I like to throw out or get rid of things often. I frequently downsize my wardrobe to the five shirts and two pairs of jeans I wear most. But two things I can’t seem to part with are books and mugs.  I have a storage unit and books and mugs are the contents of half the boxes. I have this dream of one day having an extra big room to turn into a library. And one side is going to be some sort of coffee bar.  So I can display my mug collection along with my books. Ok, yea, it just palmolived on me that it pretty much sounds like I want a Barnes and Noble in my house.  It could happen.  Maybe the barn out back would work for that… but it will be less corporate and more quaint. 🙂

5.  I’m only on number 5!

6.  Phew, onto 6 already!  I don’t really have a favorite number.

7.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you about my collection of old windows.

8. Do I have to follow all the rules, I just can’t think of anything else.

9.  I’m gonna just go ahead and say that later in this post I call myself someone who follows directions well.

10. Sometimes I lie.

11. …


So here are the questions I must answer:

From Andrea:

1. What do you remember about your favorite teacher?

OH NO!  I could make something up, but since the thing I remember most prominantly about my favorite teacher is a quite large sitting mechanism, I probably should just be honest.   Are you smellin what I stepped in?  And I think it was over accentuated by a tiny waist.  I mean, those girls who pay someone to inject cement and other such malarky into their rear facilities in a dingy van (down by the river) would be totes jels (am I cooler if I talk like a disney channel teen?) of the natural fullness goin’ on up in my favorite teacher’s fundament.

oh, and besides ALL THAT, she was an english teacher.  And an awesome english teacher who inspired me to write… and write… and write honestly.  Which is what I did up there.  So I’m a good follower of directions.


2. Toilet paper roll: over- hang or under-hang?

Well… this was quite the source of tender feelings in my college apartment.  I …  just ….  can’t talk about it!  My roommates might be reading this…  I can’t afford to lose another friend over toilet paper.  I hope you understand.


3. What is your all-time favorite TV series? Why?

Little House on the Prairie.



I mean, an explanation is probably not necessary… but there’s a Why? side dish after that question, so here goes.

PA. IS. HOT.  (rip 🙂

4. When you were a kid, did you ever get away with something that you never told anyone? Will you tell us now?

When I was a kid… I did not speak.  I did not dare walk away from the cart in the food store. When I started to talk (age 12),  I did not dare say a cross word to my mother or any adult in close proximity or in another country.  I did my homework, I obeyed all the rules, and I even let my mom pick out my high-school wardrobe and even believed her when I came home to tell her that other kids (including my siblings) were making fun of my checkered pants and saddle sneakers and she replied “Be a leader, not a follower!”   So no.  I never got away with %%&$!!

If you would like my mom to raise your children, let me know and I’ll set up a conference call.

5. What is the healthiest thing you do for yourself?

I allow myself time to enjoy my hobbies!    I’ve tried to give it up in the past… like it’s something bad… and it just makes me unhappy and miserable…  like my school just cut out the arts program!  Don’t you feel like sometimes you’re made to feel like doing art and music and all the sort is a waste of time? Well it’s not. Fight the power!  So I decided my school is keeping the arts!  And it provides endless mother-daughter activities!  Because my time always involves my daughter.  And that’s my favorite time!

6. When you deserve a special treat for accomplishing a goal (like keeping up with a blog challenge schedule), how do you celebrate? 

MOVIE NIGHT!  I love movies, and lately it’s gotta be a kid-friendly flik.  But on special occassions when Roo actually goes to bed at a decent hour (I wonder if the wee hours feel bad about being indecent?), Bacon and I like to watch something more adult friendly and eat giant sundaes. And I mean movies with friendly adults in them.  We don’t like mean people. Well.. we like mean people, but we don’t understand them.


7. What do you like to do when you’re hanging out with your friends?

I like to scrapbook with my friends!  But my friends don’t like to scrapbook.  They like to watch me scrapbook while they drink wine and eat pie.  Which is fine with me, because I can drink wine, eat pie, chat, and scrapbook while we talk nicely about other people.  It’s a good time.  We also like to go out to eat but that gets expensive so it’s cheaper to hang at the house.

8. What is your favorite time of year?

Well.. it’s kinda  a tie between Halloween and Christmas.  So I’d say September through december.  So largely the Fall season.  Fall has always been my favorite.  Halloween is fun because I like candy. And I like costumes.  And having a daughter who likes me to sew for her makes Halloween even more fun because I get to make her costume every year…  ( and sometimes our own…)


9. What was the happiest time of your life?

I think the happiest time was becoming a mother.  There really is just nothing that compares with the heaps of fun and bliss that come with having a kid or 7.  I mean, there are hard times…  and times of GIANT worry…  and trips to the ER… but any sleep deprivation, self- sacrifice, or annoyance that comes out of raising a child is just not that big a deal because there’s this little pile of awesome that benefits from every good you do!

10. What was the last thing you did for yourself?

Created a solid monthly budget plan.  This doesn’t sound like fun, but it sure does make life easier.  It allows me to think of money managing as a fun game.  Like…  hmmm, I don’t have enough this week to buy mango slices… but if I sell some shiz on eBay, then I will!

11. What’s that one quirk that very few people know about you.

Well everyone knows I can clasp my toes so I’ve got to go deeper here.

I’ve been able to hide this from my family for almost my entire life.  It’s only been noticed by a couple co-workers at two different jobs.  I will deny it if you ask me, but once it’s out in the open, the onstart of torture usually follows.  There was this one nice lady I used to work with.. she was the type that had to kinda gently tap you on the side of one arm at two minute intervals while she was talking to you.  This forced me to touch my other arm in the same spot in response to my need to feel even. She talked for quite a while so you can imagine I got tired of making myself even pretty quickly. I can’t pinpoint the exact rules of the whole thing. I just know it has to be a short impressionable touch.  If you’re holding my hand or rubbing my back it’s fine.  I do notice that when I’m stressed  it gets worse…  like if I watch you scratch one side of your face to much, I might be inclined to go over and scratch the other side of your face.  Or scratching both sides of my own face might be enough.  I think I’ll stop there.  I’ve said too much!



AND most importantly, here are my nominees:


1.  We are more than Conquerors    :  Ok folks, this is my husbands blog.  And I’m not tryin’ to keep all the fun for the fam, but I think his is truly something special.  He’s been on this journey and I think he’s got some good stuff to share.  I’m climbing onto the boat myself, and it’s tough to wrap my brain around, but I’m glad he stays strong and believes.  So check it out, no matter where you’re coming from.

2. Fresh Delight!   Ellen’s blog is adorable just like her!  Papercrafts and all the like!  We first became friends through the youtube layout hop, and so glad we did!  She does awesome projects!

3. Lookingglassmama :  I met this blog through Bloguniversity.  She likes coffee!  Her fun stories about being a real mom are quite entertaining!  And she throws in some crafts!

4. Anntogether: She probably already has a huge following,.. but I can’t figure out how to find that out! But whatever it is, it’s a great blog.  Artsy, funny, and parenty!

5. MyScrapmuse:  JUST GORGEOUS Projects!  Very inspiring!

6. Eat all Fresh:  This is a new find for me..   If you want some tips on taking care of that important vehicle God gave you to travel around in!

7. Embracing the Seasons:  Awesome mom of five who knows how to keep it simple and happy!

8. Tam’s Garden:  ART!  and it’s beautiful.  And you can buy it!

9. Nerd Book Reviews!:   There’s no need to explain right.  You know you’ll get a very detailed and honest review right here!

10. Creatively Savvy: This is the place to go when you’re scrapbooking and you’re just completely uninspired.  She shares scrappy sketches so you can pretty much pick one and go!  She also has a blog dedicated to sketches called Sketch Savvy.

11. Paper Issues: This is probably the most popular store for scrapbook supplies.  Every scrapper I know has shopped at Paper Issues.  And I just recently discovered their blog… so there ya have it…  more than just a store.  A lifestyle!




 AND MY 11 Questions for the Nominees are:

1. Do you have one favorite song, or 17? Feel free to share some titles…

2. If you could be cheese…  what kind would best describe you?

3. Do you hoard anything secretly?

4. Gnome or dwarf?

5. What inspires you when you’re feelin’ empty?

6. Sand or snow?

7. Do you have a drink that accompanies you when you’re creating? Coffee, tea, coke?

8. Finish this sentence:  When I can’t sleep, I always end up ________________.

9. Let’s dig deeper, what’s your stance on stairs?

10. If there was only one food left and you had to eat that food for the rest of your life to survive, what would you like it to be?

11. Share one or more family or friend traditions that are special to you!




  OVER HANG!!!  DUH!!!



15 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD! yeah!

  1. Kevil says:

    Your 10 facts cracked me up! And I would totally be down with a more quaint B&N in your barn, with coffee, and goats! (as long as I could sneak in some whipped cream vodka for my cup of joe) I wanted to raise my children like your mom raised you, but I’m failing miserably, I want to drink wine and eat pie with your friends (and you)!

  2. FittyUpdike says:

    lol! Thanks. Well I will definitely invite you to my barn B&N! You bring the vodka whippy and I’ll bring the coffee, and we can drink wine and eat pie with my friends!

  3. samw1984 says:

    LOL! Toilet paper over hang. LOL love sound of your mam! Super cute outfits – ill have a think on what i want you to make me,hubby and 2 dogs for this Halloween ive got a sewing machine and am scared to use it haha!! Have to agree with nomination 2 Ellen is the best!!

    • FittyUpdike says:

      awwww, this made me tear up a bit! Miss you too kitty! Ya know… every time I think of you, I think of us blogging on Livejournal and commenting on each others posts while in the same room.. while we instant messaged each other…

  4. says:

    Hi Fitty,
    I’m glad you liked my Liebster post – again, I thank you for the nomination – it’s wonderful to be noticed by talented people and talented people who happen to blog! It took a long time to put that post together, because I’m a technical numb nuts. Thanks to you, I did my first real linking, though I still need to learn much more…
    So it’s onward, hopefully smiling all the way.
    Have a wonderful week of momming, scrap booking and doing all things Fitty!
    AnnMarie 🙂

    • FittyUpdike says:

      YAY! Congrats on your linking! lol. I’m always glad when I’m forced to learn something… Your post was flawless! I hope you as well are having a wonderful week keeping Ann together! 🙂

      • says:

        Thank you, Fitty. I owe it all to you – I would have kept putting that linking thing off for as long as ‘technically’ possible 🙂
        I still have to figure out how to put a link in one of these comment boxes – still doing that wrong. Gosh, I just looked at the clock and I’m way passed my bedtime. Blogging is turning me into a blogpire 🙂
        ps Ann will not be together if she doesn’t go to bed very soon 😉 Have a great rest of the week!!!

      • says:

        Hey Fitty,
        I have a question and don’t know if you’d know on this following thing – WP says their are 229 following (fellow bloggers and email), but on the blog itself it says 362 followers – I was just curious – do you know who they are? Are they maybe Facebookers? I really have to get a clue – so many questions, so little time 🙂

      • FittyUpdike says:

        You know what.. that’s actually something that still confuses me. I had a hard time picking my nominees because I couldn’t find out where the number of followers were! I’m not really all that advanced in wordpress land either. I’ve been using it … have moved my blog around to different journaling sites over the years… but I change my template so often that I don’t know if that changes where that is… If you find out, let me know! lol

      • FittyUpdike says:

        lol. I found on the “reader” view, that little tab on top that says “stats” Yea, don’t know why I never clicked it… but it tells you all your facebook followers, wordpress followers, email followers… etc…

      • says:

        I want to know who’s following me and make sure they’re nice 😉 kidding, of course!
        it’s not that important – it was more a matter of curiosity – I just figured maybe you knew – no biggie – no worries – have a great 3 day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

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