The Butterfly – YTLH- MAY

It’s the Youtube Layout Hop time again.  And it’s a special one because it’s the 3rd year Anniversary!  Congrats to the founder Zoe!

Anyway… this month’s theme was using Die Cuts.  I made my own with my Silhouette Cameo.  I had no idea what I was going for…  and I had no idea what photo I was going to use… but I had this one from the mothers day shenanigans sitting on my desk because I almost included it in a mini album but decided on another instead.  So it was just hangin’ out begging to be glued down.  I used some iphone apps to alter it…  I should do some photo app vid reviews…  because that’s probably the number one question I get… “What program did you use to get that effect?”  And sometimes it’s lightroom, but the majority of the time, it’s an app. It’s just more convenient.  I always have my phone to snap a pic, so loading it onto my computer to edit adds at least 20 extra minutes to the process.  lol. And now a days you can print from your phone soooo  …  and back to the hop…


I always get good results when I have no idea what I’m going to do.  I had a couple hours before I had to go out… and I had to get the video recorded because I always run into problems when I go to edit, so I wanted to save time at night for that.  So little time and no inspiration are a good combo.  I’m not into butterflies… but my daughter definitely is.  So when I opened up my silhouette library and saw the butterfly die, I just went for it.  I think it was a die that just came with the program. So I cut out three with an overlay of edging.  Somewhere along the way I got the idea to feed the wings through the picture… and I think the only reason this didn’t turn out cheesy is because of her expression and the colorless photo effect.  It’s an almost haunting kind of beauty.


I also meant to use the letters I cut instead of the background, but when I ripped the holes in the grey paper, the book paper behind was just too… clean looking.  So it worked better peeping through the letters.  And I did some sewing with my daughters Hello Kitty machine again.  And let me just side note again by saying that thing kicks A$$! I had to sew 20 table cloths last week for a wedding and there was neither a hiccup or a hitch to be had!  I’m thinking of sending Singer a picture of me and that kitty Janome getting married.




So again, very little product was used… I know I should be better about listing what I use.  Working on a system!  But you can look in the layout video for products or send me a message if you have any questions.


Make sure you visit all the channels in the line up and comment for a chance to win a prize from our sponsors.

Enjoy the hop!



Cocoa Daisy Scrapbooking


Xochitl Zoe Aparicio-Sanchez


Sam Wright


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