Twelve Extraordinary Women

John MacArthur wrote a book called “Twelve Ordinary Men”, which was a character study of some of the most important men in the Bible and how God used them to move the Gospel. Well, I can’t lie and say I read it. That would be a sin! And I’m in the repenting business these days… But I did recieve his follow up book to that which is titled, “Twelve Extraordinary Women” from my husband as a Christmas gift this year. So after I’m done reading this, I will probably go back and read the one about the men… and then the one about the Twelve Angry Jurors…heh… heh…
Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 7.50.48 PM

This book proves to be a good supplement for Bible study. He puts the characters in such a light that you can find it very easy to relate them to yourselves and the people in your communities.



2 thoughts on “Twelve Extraordinary Women

  1. jetgirlcos says:

    I read this book too and I totally agree with you. He also wrote another one about the Prodigal son called “A Tale of Two Sons” which I thought was really good…he explained a lot of the cultural stuff that makes the story even more powerful ! Thanks for highlighting this book! 🙂

  2. FittyUpdike says:

    Thanks! Definitely am enjoying it so far! I plan on reading more of his books after this one. We also started a group on facebook to discuss the study questions together so that’s also been fun and enlightening.

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