APPLE CHIPS: The easiest Healthy Snack you’re not making!


Can you tell we like apples around here? Simplist snack ever! INGREDIENTS: APPLES. That’s it. just…. apples… even if you just have one apple, you can make a whole tray of chips! But if you have two, go for it! Unless you wanna practice on one first. That might be a good idea.

You’ll need parchment paper, a couple baking trays, and a mandolin for best results. Actually, for any results, you’ll need these things. haha heh…. well, only because they will burn without the parchment, and you really need to get the thin slice a mandolin can offer to achieve the proper chiplikeness. And I’m sure you have a baking tray or cookie sheet lyin’ around somewhere!

If you don’t know what a mandolin is:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.59.37 AM

You don’t have to get the biggest and baddest, mine is a fairly cheap one from walmart and it does the job like a champ! So bottom line, you need to make super thin slices. You don’t want apple chunks! You want chips! Even though my friend Amanda’s mom always told me via Amanda “Chips make chunks.” That’s advice for a different sort of life lesson. not for making snacks.

Anyway, back to making these instead of just letting your kids consume the 5lb bag of sour patch kids. I find about one medium size apple fills up a tray. So I usually do two apples and two trays at a time.


Sidenote: Apples are on the dirty dozen list of produce that gets megadoses of pesticides and the sort, so if you can splurge for organic, please do. Either way, wash em real good. I sliced mine from bottom to top, seeds and all! It makes for a pretty star shape in the middle and the seeds just kinda fall out on thier own. And no apple tree has ever grown in the stomachs of those who’ve swalled apple seeds so no worries there. Spread out your slices on your trays and try not to overlap. They do stick together so some slight edge overlap is ok, just don’t pile em up on top of each other. Set the oven to 200° Bake on one side for 40 mins or so. Then flip em’ and bake another 40 mins. I have noticed a difference in baking time with different apples. The first time we made these, I used fuji apples. They needed about 45 mins on each side. Last time I used Braburn and they only needed 35 mins each side. They were also not as sweet so we added some cinnamon. So use your judgement, when they start turning light brown, it’s time to take them out. They may be still a little soft, but they harden up as they cool. So far, the fiji apple chips were the sweetest and definitely our favorite. With absolutely nothing added to them. Plain apples, no sugar, no cinnamon… I couldn’t believe how sweet they tasted on thier own after baking them. This is that kinda snack that people try at your house and then go home and immediately try to make for themselves.


If your end result looks like potpourri, you probably did it right. If your end result looks like potpourri, you probably did it right. And maybe you’ve been making these for years and I’ve just arrived in the “now” Either way, Cheers! God Bless!


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