So all that happened this weekend…  as well as Roo giving Kevin an extensive makeover which has now left him unrecognizable…

….   and in other news…

Happy Memorial Day a bit late…   Thank you to all those who have lost their lives serving for our country and all those who who are serving currently! A thank you is not enough…

Roo had her ride in a first as far as parades go…  she joined Graceway Bible Church and her Awana friends for the Hamilton parade.


I tried to hold together the camera lens long enough to snap a few pics…  didn’t quite want to focus…  Some part of me didn’t really think it was broken.  I mean… it was still holding on… Well part of it is still holding on to the base… lol.. I just thought it was going to take me an extra 5 minutes to take a photo each time.  Highly annoying, but doable and 1 out of 10 might be in focus… no big…

oh well…


I also thought it was funny that this dress Roo chose to wear has survived at least 6 closet purges in Roo’s room over the past two years…

We made it for July 4th 2013:


and I think merely because she wears it often even just around the house, we just kept it in the rotation…

Besides the outer tuley layer it’s all jersey knit, so it’s quite stretchy.

Next year it will called a “top” instead of a “dress.”


I like her choice of footwear as well…

because these red star boots she used to always wear with it, (even in the summer)  are definitely too small and have now been passed down to smaller feet.


I just realized I have a handful of scrapbook layouts of her in this dress…

I think for this July 4th we’ll have to make something new…


The good news is the phone still works!  Perhaps I’ll embellish it with some cute washi and packing tape!  I have to say though…  I’ve dropped that iphone 4 soo soo soo many times, I’m actually shocked it took me this long to finally break it.  And this time it just kinda fell out of my sweatshirt pocket as I was taking it off.


3 thoughts on “Broke

  1. Mel says:

    Kevin is a changed man.. I was concerned that the breakage was due to him falling on the phone, but glad to hear he wasn’t involved in the incident 🙂 🙂

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