Meet the Finny Dolls

Well, we finally had some time to make some extra things on the sewing machine that weren’t for us.

We overhauled our Etsy shop and called Eleanor’s Room because we plan on filling it with things that Eleanor likes…



So far, we’ve filled the store with a handful of these dolls we started making a couple years ago.  We call em “Finny” dolls.  I won’t say why but you might have a guess.




This first batch came out skinny and long-limbed.  Much like our prototypes, though they were a tad chunkier.  One new thing we did was add a removeable skirt for each.  Because if your daughter is anything like mine, she likes to be able to dress her dolls.

The good thing about having had a few of these to play with for a while is that we’ve been able to see how they hold up over countless trips to various places like parks and movie theaters.  And after spilling drinks and spreading raspberry jam over them, I have to say a trip through the washing machine does wonders and is completely safe. I would treat them as you would any favorite shirt. Stain remover and low tumble.



They have eared hats instead of hair which also makes them easier to care for. No tangled mess for your little ones to get tied up in.



They each have their own pattern of clothing picked out by Eleanor. The material we used is mostly cotton blends with a fleece or flannel thrown in here or there. Some recylced, some new. This shop is also part of the giant goal to zip through all that hand-me-down material I have gobs of. My hope is that I will eventually have it down to one bin of material that I already have plans for.  And possibly a few pieces to inspire just because they’re pretty.  I often get commissioned for various random jobs so I usually need some supplies handy.




We decided to embroider each face. We kept it simple, while still having some personality.


Some have longer legs than others…



Some make their own clothes…


And they each have at least one face and a name. This one is Dolores. She likes blues…



Visit the shop here:  Eleanor’s ROOM.

They make great one of a kind gifts!




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