Ok, let’s try this again! New Bullet Journal!

Scribbles DO matter!!!!

So this will be my new tool for getting organized this year! Love this Scribbles that Matter notebook. So cute. lol.

And here are the pens I will mostly be using. So far, I haven’t really strayed from this core kit.

Microns I always seem to have handy because they are perfect for Bible marking, but the other two sets I got as Christmas presents. And so far, I’ve LOVED them! If you’re getting microns, make sure you get size 005. They are so super fine and tiny! You can write notes to your hamsters!

And the Faber Castell is the artist pit pen set. So there are a couple brush pens, as well as a small marker tip, a felt tip… and some fine liners as well. The XS faber might be as small as the 005 micron. I feel like I can use it interchangeably with the black micron.

And the Tombow brush pens are beautiful. This set is pastel, so they are light enough to use for backgrounds, or for drop shadows, or for some pretty modern calligraphy.

Here are pics of some of my favorite pages so far.

Weekly to-do

I have to say, I’m into my second week using this, and so far it’s motivated me to check off those tasks. It’s also forced me to say things like, “Hey, I’d really like to go to bed, but it’ll only take five minutes for me to check off that last task for today….”  But even if I don’t get to everything I think I can in a day, I can always migrate it to the next day.

So here’s a detailed walk through of my bullet journal so far if you’re interested!


Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the rest of January!




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