About Fitty

You’re so weird…

Someone says that to me daily.  And after 36 years here in the mashed potatoes of life… I still don’t believe it.  I think they say that because they think I waste giant amounts of time doing things that they lack desire to do themselves.  Like my husband says to me when I’m in the midst of my crafty heaven:  “Are you gluing paper to paper again?” He even wrote a poem from my perspective about how I love to glue paper to other paper (aka scrapbooking).  It’s quite good… maybe I’ll share it.  Anyway… so therein lies the reason for my blogging need!  I’m on the hunt for other people that get called weird for NO GOOD REASON!  I need people to understand WHY I thought that little piece of tin foil would look fabulous covered in holes and stapled to the back of my new mini album! I need to inspire and be inspired!

Amongst my glue addiction, other aspects of life that might seep into my posts include my job as a traveling piano teacher, my unsatiable need to squeeze my dog Norma, sewing, my need to read, photography, photo apps, and most of all, being a mom. Eleanor (sometimes referred to as “Roo”)  is the focus for all my adventures these days. So posts spawning from my love for my daughter include tons of photo shoots, crafty videos, sewing for little girls, and food allergy recipes. (hey, it’s the norm these days, might as well share!)

As well as a mom, I’m also a wife!  So occasionally I’ll post some pages from my “You and Me” scrapbook… a book I dedicated to us.  Because although life gets crazy, scary, and depressing sometimes, I think it’s important to highlight the fun times or just the ordinary times. Life is a journey and we chose to be traveling partners… so we try to be present and make fun out of everything!
















Please fill out this form if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Or if you just wanna be friends. Or maybe you want me to furnish a thanksgiving dinner table costume for your 3 year old dog Henry.


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