Apple seedy yes indeedy!

So despite the back of the hand slapping we always receive when we go here, we somehow ended up back at Russo’s in Chesterfield for Apple picking this year.
We thought about not going and trying another place but… we thought misbehaving again at the same farm is more fun than behaving at a new farm?!
We think at least. Next year we’ll discuss again briefly and then probably end up back there letting our kids ride in the wagons, move the gourds out of place, and throw hay.

Eleanor knows how to spell her name, but I don’t think she knows how to spell mine.. which made it funny when I realized the wagon she picked had my name on it. Yes, that’s how you spell Fitty on wagons.  On the interwebs it’s F  I T T Y.  Wagons, K A R E N.  Got it?  Good.    And Collin on a wagon is spelled K A T H Y.   It has something to do with the Secret National and International Association of people who use wagons for secret agenty purposes.   How do I know about it… heh…

I love how this blog has turned into a big crunchy photo share…  I’ve been busy but I don’t even have to promise that I’ll be scrapbooking these pics…  they are just too yummy! I might even do a mini album!


This is the newest member of our clan, Collin.  I just can’t stand the adorable that pours outta this one!!!  He’s the little nugget belonging to one of my besties Mary.  Right now he’s also the easiest to grab shots of because he’s not running around chasing other running around boys while throwing rotten apples.  So I was able to snap a few of those bad boy blues!!


Can you stand it!

And with each new pic of Eleanor, I say it’s my fav… just like the latest song you wrote, you might as well throw out the rest.. But in this case, I’ll be keeping them all. This one reminds me of an Olivia Newton John record album cover… Have YOU never been mellow?


I probably shouldn’t point out the dirt smudge on her nose… coz before I wrote that, I was the only one who noticed.


oh, and they have pumpkins too.. all mine lost their stems rolling around the back of my car… 😦 boo!


Horsey is the ewesh when it comes to what Eleanor carries around with her, but the little sewing kit she found in one of my bags is a new addition. I don’t know if she thought she might need to sew some apples back together or something. When we got home she did tell me she was mad at me for not fixing Luke’s stuffed Sonic yet… It hasn’t been a week yet, but I guess I should get right on top of that. After all it is a neck wound and this is the stuffie ER!!




Pictures of Eleanor – Jackson Park

Jackson Park

I think the only way to stop me from taking pictures of Eleanor everywhere she goes is to get a puppy, or have another kid. I don’t know if it’s because I just like taking pictures… or that she’s always a willing and pose-able subject… or it’s just a mom thing. I honestly thought I’d get tired of taking her picture by now… but I honestly feel like she gets more beautiful everyday. (That’s def. a mom thing…)


So anyway… I usually do a lot of APP editing to my photos. So the previous two photos I ran through one of my fav. photo apps called Phototoaster. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before..
But here’s one of the photos in the raw below so you can see the diff. I didn’t do much, just added one filter called Aquatic. ( my favorite filter I’ve ever come across in any app!! Who doesn’t wanna look like they’re in water? Not anyone I know!) So I think this one filter added so much! It pulled her out of all that green background and really made her the feature.


So there are a lot of cool filters in this app… you can mess with it on your own, or they have pre-sets. Very worth the $1.99 for the 5.0 version. I’ve used the fiddlesticks out of it! I think photo apps are the only ones I pay for. Especially if you scrapbook… and are doing project life or smashing… or any of that… it’s the quickest way to edit aside from pluggin’ your camera into your computer. And most of ya’ll know how to print from your mobile devices so… what’s the prob. Spend a dollar and save your memories in a artsy way! Didn’t you just spend $1.82 on a bagel this morning? And that’s gone already isn’t it??? …thought so.

The following photos are not edited.. but I might still go back and play with em’.  I have to go through the other 70 and see if any are print-worthy.


OH, and lemme just plug another app while I’m at it. Though this series of pictures were not edited, I did throw them into a collage app called DIPTIC. It’s basically just that… a collage app, but you can move your frames around which comes in handy. And I think you can add text… (honestly haven’t used it that much…) And it’s FREE!


I was actually shooting in monochrome for the first half of the park visit… which I normally don’t do. I don’t know why, but I tend to edit the color mostly after… but I like the way the monochrome ones shot…


And the hair-style she’s sporting is called… combed out after being in a bun for two days! I actually trimed it a bit this morning due to many many knots. So it was fluffier than usual.

Well I’m gonna put my cheese and crackers away and call it a night!

xo Fitter


This is nothing new and exciting..  just an idea that I pulled onto the rotation for the week! I thought it was the perfect idea to use up scraps of ribbon and scraps of cardstock.

Honestly, I never bothered to do cards for Eleanor’s class before…  (bad mommy) I was just never big on making cards on a regular basis.

But this year I thought I’d redeem myself and do the 20 cards and be done with it! And turns out, It was the perfect activity for Eleanor and my niece Norah to do together this past weekend. They picked out some Christmas ribbon… Dora Ribbon… Spongebob Ribbon…etc.



And it was also a great way to use up a bunch of that ribbon that’s just collecting in a box that I probably won’t ever use all of.
I only used a little bit of this lace trim because I do use that quite often..

Anyway so here’s what you’ll need:

1. Ribbon, trim, or fabric scraps

2. Card stock

3. Some kinda glue,  I used Liquid glass…(Elmer’s would prob do the trick too, but I think Roo ate it all… I mean…  dumped it in a bucket and dipped her hands in and pretended she was getting a paraffin manicure.)

4. Scissors



A. Cut hearts out of squarish peices of cardstock.

( I totally used my die cut machine… I can’t lie, I was just being lazy and didn’t have enough safety scissors around.  If you have a big heart punch?!? )

B. Cut strips of ribbon no bigger than your square.

You can either buy blank cards from the craft store, or fold your own cardstock to make the actual card.

C, D- See visual below:photo 1


There are several ways you can attach the heart.

I sewed all of mine on…  but if you don’t have a sewing machine;

You can glue them,  affix them with brads… even staple them…


So that’s the main event… after that you can either leave em like that, or add some stamping or words. I just added a little decorative border stamp underneath the heart. I was looking for some kinda smooshy word stamp at first, but I gave up and figured the heart showed enough love on it’s own…

And that’s it. Clean, simple, and easy.

oh, and here’s our new friend Kevin… he wanted to say hi and that he loves you.


So… I’m still putting the pieces together to try to make a functional computer.  
The one I’ve put together now is just missing sound… And the ability to play vid back without a hiccup. So I may have to bring the monitor back to moms and get speakers… And I’ll just have to deal with the hiccups. 

I’ve still been piecing pages together on the side. I somehow figured out how to print a photo from instagram. I don’t remember exactly but It involved emailing it to myself. And I somehow got to a version of it that was large enough to print nicely. It actually printed perfectly.

One of the last collage pics I posted to instagram I loved so much I had to use it for a page. I’ve been kinda saving the iPhone app photos for my smash book, but this one needed to be bigger.  


This page had a partner, but I’m still not sure if I like it…  

So hopefully I can get back to some videos for my new scraptastic youtube frens, but for now it’s just not possible.  I’d use my iphone but I only have an 8 gigger, so it’s got little mem left to hold a big flix. .. plus I’d need one of those spidery camera holders to hold it above my station… 

bleh bleh

who cares!

Going to bed. I think.

Little girls… *sigh*

I’m going to try to enjoy this time while I have it.

-While she still lets me take 700 photos in a day.

-While she helps me with the outside work.

-While she doesn’t mind getting dirty.

-While she thinks watering the vegetables warrants a “special” outfit. (well, that probably won’t change… )

   and I’m pretty sure those   hand dimples will be gone soon… 


So I went to a scrapbook expo yesterday, and I have to say there was little to inspire.  No real trendy stuff going on, but it was still fun to walk around and browse.  There was one stand that stood out,  I would said besides the october afternoon booth, this was one of the only other that I spent some real minutes at.  So I’m definitely going to check out some more online.  The two little cards popping out of the top of this layout are from Jenni Bowlin.  Super cute vintage style stuff. 

I had started this layout friday night, then finished it up this morning. I had so many good photos from last saturday that I was hard to just use one here, but I think this one stands alone quite well. 

The main thing here is a popped up layered look.  I used some Color mist Sprinklers from October Afternoon to mist the background.. Actually, I misted the background and on top of all the pieces, so the photo ended up with some ink on it, but I just wiped it off her face and left most of the rest of it.   The spraying water in the photo already kinda looked like that, so I figured it really didn’t make a difference.


So Eleanor and I had a fun couple weekends.  Now we have to get work on July 4th stuff,  she’ll need a special outfit I’m sure.  She’s already asking me when we’re going to make her Princess Dress.  (every dress is a princess dress to her…   and her puma sneakers she calls her ballerina shoes…  ?) 

Like I said, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts and I wish it could last forever…  Little girls are just sooo stinkin cute!

Scraps on the beach

So these pics are beach themed…  but the layout itself doesn’t scream beach.

I think just the blue background and the  brown bag ink shading kinda give it a

beachy feel…

I orginially was going to overlap the photos on top of the octagon background,  but after placing them, they just didn’t look right.

My favorite part of this layout is the different fabric scraps under the octagon cut-outs.


The main idea I was going for here is just a big cluster.  Putting any little clusters around the edges would’ve just competed and looked too busy.  It’s busy enough in the main cluster with fabric, ribbon, and brads.

As far as materials go here, most of it was using scraps.  I used one blue background cardstock,  some scraps of fabric, some ribbon, ric-ric, brads, and some scrap pieces of cardstock for the Beach letters and octagon outlines and the one by the word beach.  Lately, I’ve been on this kick to set the photos back a step.  Instead of being on top. This layout kinda takes the focus off the pictures a little.  Not that I don’ t love the pics, but when you have a bunch of pics that aren’t really the greatest photo masterpieces, putting them in a busy cluster lets you kinda jimmy up the photos without covering up the whole scene. You can still tell he’s playing in the sand in one, he’s on a ride in the other, and he’s looking cool in his sunglasses! Three major beach activities!  So it’s more of a story layout than a posed photo orient.

So here’s the making of this layout! Enjoy and have a great week!

Made by Fitty Layout for LIKES drawing!

Made by Fitty facebook page

Made by Fitty Prize drawing for Likes

Ok, on a mission to boost some MADEbyFITTY webstats!  SO I’m GIVING AWAY a custom 12 x 12 scrapbook layout, made to order, with your photos!  Just hit the “like” button on my facebook page.  That’s it!

And all likers, current and new will be tossed into a bag on friday, and the liker I pull gets the prize.

And thank you to all my current customers, It’s great to have been crafty with you!

Also, don’t forget, I now offer my services through Etsy, so buy someone a special gift for that new baby!  Or that couple about to take the plunge!  Or that friend whose kid just does the funniest stuff! Or if you book just needs some help bulking up…

Good luck!!



Well, it seems my daughter has the same fetish for glasses as I do…  only difference, she can see without them…    But she’s not quite 3 so I’m sure that will change. Based on genetics, she has a slim chance of anywhere close I CAN SEE WITHOUT HELP!!!

Anyway, so she’s been so attached to these little glasses that were an accessory to a build a bear chickie that I got her for Easter.

And since Easter, I’ve noticed I have a good pile of pics of her wearing these Harry Potter type glasses… and she just looks so darn cute!

So i decided to do some scrap with them…


Because some new youtube scrappy friend Melovebono had posted a challenge, and I decided to participate… I REALLY WANT a $30 to Jo-ANNS… or any other craft store of my choice!

Here’s my vid response: MEloveBONOchallenge

And then, I decided some of the other pics with the glasses would work for my card from my daughter to Dad:

And the card:

 And if you want to see how smart they make her, friend me on Facebook and you can watch her in action…  lol…  Find me: Fitty Updike, or my page: Madebyfitty


Getting ready for July 4th

So, it would seem I’m only a year behind on my scrapbooking… because I’m using last year’s 4th of July photos…  but I’m actually way more behind than that on my own family stuff…  My method for getting my own scrapbooks done is pretty much… I dive into the photos, and whatever one gives me an idea.. I go for it.  So there are many many holes to fill, but it doesn’t really matter. If I don’t force it, the results are much better!

Anyway, so as you guessed, this layout if 4th of July inspired.  And since I had SOOO many pictures of Roo in that little patriotic dress dancing around on my mom’s lawn… I needed to find a way to incorporate a whole good chunk of them on one layout. And honestly… I usually have a rule about too many photos on one page…  it makes it a lot harder to please the eye. But in this case, luckily her actual body on the 4×6′ pics was small enough to cut them all down to just feature her and not the extra feet of carpety green.  So I made these little polaroid frames on my cutting machine ( and I inked them instagram style. They are ADORABLE!  So simple, but ended up to be my favorite part of the layout.  I did make extra and put them in my etsy store in case anyone doesn’t have a machine, these are already inked and ready to go. POLAROIDS

I think this was one of the first dresses I made for ROO. She got to wear it twice because we also went to a carnival my husbands band BONEHEAD was playing at and she danced the ENTIRE time in this dress. I think she was trying to steal the show from her Dad…


So anyway, here’s one idea for a 4th of July layout! I’m actually a month ahead with this! TADA! I will try to get more July 4th cuts in my store before the actual day! I started an etsy store… then I didn’t like the name, so I closed it and just opened another using another account. So there’s not much there just yet, but I’m working on it! Enjoy the fasty hands show!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!

And don’t forget to MAKE ART! Even if it’s a cherry tomato sculpture to bring to the office! It’ll make at least 2 people happy!

Catching up on babyness

So I was re-organizing my photo collection and came across these from when Eleanor was about 7 months old. I can’t believe she was such a ham already… Well, she was a canned ham, and now she’s pretty mobile.

So we started kinda like this… a couple papers, a water squirty pen thing… and some watercolors.
You can see a couple stages of the flowers in this photo. I cut out 2″ scalloped circles, wet them with the squirty pen (any spayer will do… even dabbing a little water and letting it soak in). After they’re good and wet, crinkle em up into balls. Let em’ sit a few minutes, then open em’ up. Don’t open em’ flat because you want that wrinkled look. You can actually start to shape them at this point to how you’d like them to dry.

And though I have the worst handwriting in parts of the world… I love sloppy handwriting for scrapbooking. It just becomes another embellishment. ya know… I hate the word EMBELLISHMENT. I don’t know why. It’s like… too good for itself or something. embellish… maybe we should shorten it to bellish. Let’s BELLISH THAT PAGE! But that page is nothing like a bell although if it chimed, I’m sure it’d sound like Elvis on a tuesday night. Saturday has a higher probability for brain-power diminishing activity. Then again… shut up fits.

Long story short… and without further interruption.