Cards Cards Cards!

Eleanor and I had such a blast friday night doing a Card Making Workshop at our awesome church!

Here are some of the cards we came up with for samples.




We did mostly Christmas cards…



Here are some of the cards they made:


We glued, we misted, we sewed, we sliced, we stamped, and we embossed! And by the end of the night, everyone was a boss at embossing!

Some of the gang’s favorite items that we used were: ( all items linked to purchase)

Foam dots- to make things stand out and give dimension

Heidi Swapp- Color Shine – misting spray 

Embossing powder, ink, and heat gun

Enamel dots

Liquid glass

Scotch Glue Glider – the big tape runner thingie 🙂


And here is a link to the handout I made for the workshop:


I think this has inspired Roo and I to do some more card making for the upcoming season, so be on the look out for some tutorials!


Hope everyone has a blessed week and enjoy your Sunday!





This is nothing new and exciting..  just an idea that I pulled onto the rotation for the week! I thought it was the perfect idea to use up scraps of ribbon and scraps of cardstock.

Honestly, I never bothered to do cards for Eleanor’s class before…  (bad mommy) I was just never big on making cards on a regular basis.

But this year I thought I’d redeem myself and do the 20 cards and be done with it! And turns out, It was the perfect activity for Eleanor and my niece Norah to do together this past weekend. They picked out some Christmas ribbon… Dora Ribbon… Spongebob Ribbon…etc.



And it was also a great way to use up a bunch of that ribbon that’s just collecting in a box that I probably won’t ever use all of.
I only used a little bit of this lace trim because I do use that quite often..

Anyway so here’s what you’ll need:

1. Ribbon, trim, or fabric scraps

2. Card stock

3. Some kinda glue,  I used Liquid glass…(Elmer’s would prob do the trick too, but I think Roo ate it all… I mean…  dumped it in a bucket and dipped her hands in and pretended she was getting a paraffin manicure.)

4. Scissors



A. Cut hearts out of squarish peices of cardstock.

( I totally used my die cut machine… I can’t lie, I was just being lazy and didn’t have enough safety scissors around.  If you have a big heart punch?!? )

B. Cut strips of ribbon no bigger than your square.

You can either buy blank cards from the craft store, or fold your own cardstock to make the actual card.

C, D- See visual below:photo 1


There are several ways you can attach the heart.

I sewed all of mine on…  but if you don’t have a sewing machine;

You can glue them,  affix them with brads… even staple them…


So that’s the main event… after that you can either leave em like that, or add some stamping or words. I just added a little decorative border stamp underneath the heart. I was looking for some kinda smooshy word stamp at first, but I gave up and figured the heart showed enough love on it’s own…

And that’s it. Clean, simple, and easy.

oh, and here’s our new friend Kevin… he wanted to say hi and that he loves you.

It IS super easy!

Is is sooo easy to throw a layout together in less than 30 minutes and still say “Yes. Instead of throwing that away, I will hang onto it!”

There is very little involved here…

1. Three different papers

2. Some letter stickers

3. A couple velum arrows

4. A few brads

5. A a touch of sewing and doodling.

ALL optional.

I threw together this super short vid… it’s just a series of photos showing the very short evolution of this layout. Just to throw it out there that YES, you can do some scapbooking on a weeknight! I did this page on a thursday night in about 33 minutes. I used the December Studio Calico kit exclusively! Joining kit clubs I think is a great way to be inspired every month. It keeps things fresh and exciting!
I will be starting one in January for those of you who need a little push! And I will post some ideas along with each kit to get the juices flowing!

The video is not so great, I apologize… but it was the best I could do with my current set up here… 🙂

Jersey Smash

Here’s just another smashed page from another good day in Jersey Pennsylvania!
I know a lot of bad days have been going around due to the past couple weeks of nightmare weather, and I can’t even begin to understand the devastation that some people are dealing with now… but I know there are gobs of good days to be had and are starting to get made in the making of being made to be making good of more days…. of noodles… and noodling noods of needles. Yes. SMASHThe too light blue paint fumes are seeping through my skull and I can’t be held accountable for what words make up this post.
In other news:
I’m postponing the first workshop due to power outages and the like… Not having the interwebs just kinda held up my supplies and togetherness puttings. So… now that it’s back, it’s time for thanksgivings already!!! AHHHH I can’t believe it. Nough’ said. Time to think about a different color to paint these walls…

Sometimes… the day before is better than the day of…

Sometimes your daughter has a 3rd birthday.  Actually, it normally only happens once.  After 3, sometimes it skips 4 and goes right to 5… but it never goes back to 3 again. And you’re at your moms house because she always has a picnic on labor day, so you bring your newly 3 year old daughter and you also bring your camera because you think you’re gonna get some really good pics of her on the exact day she turns 3. But then it turns out to be the yuckiest most HUMIDIFIED day ever there was the whole summer and  your daughter spends the entire day in the pool with TURNY(i love when nicknames evolve out of mispronunciations from toddlers ) .  Should be Tierney.  🙂

So let’s just say the birthday pics were a wash…  but the dancing vids from that day will be cherished!

Luckily the day before, I just happened to tote my camera to my friend Michelle’s house for her son’s 4th birthday party…  and sitting across from Roo, I was able to snap a series of her eating her philly swirl push up pop.  Though I could’ve easily included 15 pics, I chose my 5 faves and smooshed em into an instagram collage and then cut em apart after I printed them. And this is probably to be my last layout of summerness that I’ll do until next year.

So just this past August I

finally got my hands on some Studio Calico kits.  So this is mostly from the August one … or the September one… I’m not really sure because Roo mixed them together…

But hopefully I can dedicate some pages to just one kit exclusively..  because I LOVE THEM.

And I’m trying a new thing where I just kinda …  turn off the brain and just go with it.  Ya know how when you think too hard, you just get frustrated and end up with nothing. This way, I just throw it all down and then edit later. Because after you’ve thrown down, inspiration surely follows and you suddenly just start getting ideas.

To make these sunshiney spotty lights, I used this simple app called “Bokehful”.  You can make them in a few different shapes.. the hex is my fav…  as is prob. for most.

If I ever get a new iphone… I fear I may abandon my camera all together because between the apps and the ever-evolving quality of photos it takes…   I may just lose the need…

I’ve also been addicted to foam adhesives lately.  I feel this need to make things pop out..  So there are several different heights going on with the photos.  You can probably tell from the shadows… a couple are flat… then some are off the page a little, and some a little more.

There are some things in the works that me and my hubs are trying to plan.  Maybe some workshops or collage clubs.. lol.  But we’ll keep you posted.  Would love to get together with some of my local friends and make some art!

Digital scrap


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it just got easier…


Close to my heart has this great ONLINE software you can use to make digital scrapbook pages.  You have a lot of artistic freedom like you always did, but now they’ve got what they call “express layouts”. 

So if you don’t want to think, you don’t have to!  They’ve made layouts for you that are adorable!


There are a bunch to choose from, you just pick the one you want, and slide your pictures over onto it. 

And when you slide in your photo, you’ll see this window pop up with more options for editing your photo.  You can change it to sepia or black and white. You can zoom in or out.  You can crop, rotate, and matt it!

And the prints come out beautiful.  I’ve made books on snapfish, shutterfly, walgreens, cvs, blurb, and Studio J.  And I’ve loved every one of them.  But the biggest difference I noticed between the photo sites and Studio J is the quality of the photos.  The pages in my photo books seemed to have faded over time and my Studio J prints are still as bright as when I first got them.  They are 12 x 12 high quality prints. Perfect to just slide into your favorite scrapbook.  Also a nice idea to make one here and there and add it into your project life books.

So check it out, play around!  I know you’ll love it if you have very little time and want to make something special!






So… I’m still putting the pieces together to try to make a functional computer.  
The one I’ve put together now is just missing sound… And the ability to play vid back without a hiccup. So I may have to bring the monitor back to moms and get speakers… And I’ll just have to deal with the hiccups. 

I’ve still been piecing pages together on the side. I somehow figured out how to print a photo from instagram. I don’t remember exactly but It involved emailing it to myself. And I somehow got to a version of it that was large enough to print nicely. It actually printed perfectly.

One of the last collage pics I posted to instagram I loved so much I had to use it for a page. I’ve been kinda saving the iPhone app photos for my smash book, but this one needed to be bigger.  


This page had a partner, but I’m still not sure if I like it…  

So hopefully I can get back to some videos for my new scraptastic youtube frens, but for now it’s just not possible.  I’d use my iphone but I only have an 8 gigger, so it’s got little mem left to hold a big flix. .. plus I’d need one of those spidery camera holders to hold it above my station… 

bleh bleh

who cares!

Going to bed. I think.

Little girls… *sigh*

I’m going to try to enjoy this time while I have it.

-While she still lets me take 700 photos in a day.

-While she helps me with the outside work.

-While she doesn’t mind getting dirty.

-While she thinks watering the vegetables warrants a “special” outfit. (well, that probably won’t change… )

   and I’m pretty sure those   hand dimples will be gone soon… 


So I went to a scrapbook expo yesterday, and I have to say there was little to inspire.  No real trendy stuff going on, but it was still fun to walk around and browse.  There was one stand that stood out,  I would said besides the october afternoon booth, this was one of the only other that I spent some real minutes at.  So I’m definitely going to check out some more online.  The two little cards popping out of the top of this layout are from Jenni Bowlin.  Super cute vintage style stuff. 

I had started this layout friday night, then finished it up this morning. I had so many good photos from last saturday that I was hard to just use one here, but I think this one stands alone quite well. 

The main thing here is a popped up layered look.  I used some Color mist Sprinklers from October Afternoon to mist the background.. Actually, I misted the background and on top of all the pieces, so the photo ended up with some ink on it, but I just wiped it off her face and left most of the rest of it.   The spraying water in the photo already kinda looked like that, so I figured it really didn’t make a difference.


So Eleanor and I had a fun couple weekends.  Now we have to get work on July 4th stuff,  she’ll need a special outfit I’m sure.  She’s already asking me when we’re going to make her Princess Dress.  (every dress is a princess dress to her…   and her puma sneakers she calls her ballerina shoes…  ?) 

Like I said, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts and I wish it could last forever…  Little girls are just sooo stinkin cute!

Made by Fitty Layout for LIKES drawing!

Made by Fitty facebook page

Made by Fitty Prize drawing for Likes

Ok, on a mission to boost some MADEbyFITTY webstats!  SO I’m GIVING AWAY a custom 12 x 12 scrapbook layout, made to order, with your photos!  Just hit the “like” button on my facebook page.  That’s it!

And all likers, current and new will be tossed into a bag on friday, and the liker I pull gets the prize.

And thank you to all my current customers, It’s great to have been crafty with you!

Also, don’t forget, I now offer my services through Etsy, so buy someone a special gift for that new baby!  Or that couple about to take the plunge!  Or that friend whose kid just does the funniest stuff! Or if you book just needs some help bulking up…

Good luck!!



Well, it seems my daughter has the same fetish for glasses as I do…  only difference, she can see without them…    But she’s not quite 3 so I’m sure that will change. Based on genetics, she has a slim chance of anywhere close I CAN SEE WITHOUT HELP!!!

Anyway, so she’s been so attached to these little glasses that were an accessory to a build a bear chickie that I got her for Easter.

And since Easter, I’ve noticed I have a good pile of pics of her wearing these Harry Potter type glasses… and she just looks so darn cute!

So i decided to do some scrap with them…


Because some new youtube scrappy friend Melovebono had posted a challenge, and I decided to participate… I REALLY WANT a $30 to Jo-ANNS… or any other craft store of my choice!

Here’s my vid response: MEloveBONOchallenge

And then, I decided some of the other pics with the glasses would work for my card from my daughter to Dad:

And the card:

 And if you want to see how smart they make her, friend me on Facebook and you can watch her in action…  lol…  Find me: Fitty Updike, or my page: Madebyfitty