Vacation Bible School at Shadyrest Bible Church

It’s been a busy week with my nephews over so instead of some bible journaling, I thought I’d share some pics and vids from our adventures at VBS. We’ve been having a blast exploring Egypt and hearing the story of Joseph.

Here’s a little trailer we put together with the iMovie app:

And here are some pics!


Here they are with their family leader, Valerie.



And last night my niece Norah joined us as well. They all had a little too much fun with the eyeliner…


The shopkeepers had them busy doing lots of crafts.





But I think the favorite was the Food tent….



This mummy photo op was a particularly fun spot.





And then when we got home, after a nice walk around town, we made a giant fort in the living room.



There are two days left! So join us at Shadyrest!  It’s from 6-8!  Here’s the link:

Shadyrest Bible Church










So there’s this amazing Hashtag Party goin’ on this weekend and it’s all kinds of Artastic!!  #LOVESUMMERART


If you’re an artist/creator youtuber, you can join the facebook group here: Youtube Channel Art and Crafts

If you are not a youtube creator and just want to enjoy the Arty vids, then just simply type in the hashtag #LoveSummerArt in the search bar on youtube and see what comes up!  I happened upon this by accident really… lol.  So as usual, I had like a day to come up with something… but it gave me an opportunity to pick up something I started and never finished.

So here is my #LoveSummerArt vid:

I had started a “beach” mini last June, and then with all the moving that went on this year, my arts and crafts were mostly in boxes so I never got the chance to finish it, but now that I’m back in business, I’m aiming to get it done within the next couple weeks.

I used this printable canvas for the cover image as well as an image of my daughter and my neice running on the beach.



Love this stuff! I use it for sewing projects, but it also works great for scrapbooking. This brand was a bit sturdier than I like it to be for sewing projects, but it’s great for this purpose. It’s made by Printworks.


So I did one 2 page layout using that large canvas photo of my daughter and my neice, and another 2 page layout using 4 photos of my daughter and nephews.



It was so much fun, I hope to get another video up by monday… or perhaps Roo might wanna do one too…  Weekends are always super busy so it’s hard to get stuff together, but we will try!


So anyway, we will surely share whatever we come up with next!  Have a great week!


Fitty & Roo



Scrapping Double with Fitty and Roo!


Last night Roo decided it was time she made her own crafty process video.  And I have to say she did a pretty darn good job…  lol.  She even narrated it!

Since I still wanted to use the same photo she stole from me… I decided to make a game of it and have Roo and I both scrap process the same photo.  So I made a part 1 with Roo, and a part 2 with me.

So here’s Roo’s layout!



She is OBSESSED with mists and masks!  Almost as much as modeling paste.  Had we not run out, she probably would’ve used that too…




So I call this a success because no ink was spilled! ( I just jumped in whenever I saw something about to fall off the table…  )  I think she’s definitely leaning toward a more mixed media preference…  I think her finished product is beautiful!  Even though at some point I think she says that she wished she had purple mist…

And here is mine:



I used one mask and one mist.  lol.   We both used watercolors. And we both used the same Heidi Swap Heart embellishments.



That black ink is just a speedball India Ink.  My new fav…  when you want the blackest black.  Though I have no other black ink to compare to…  it does the job quite nicely enough that I’m not looking.


And here are our process videos!

Hope you like em’!


HAPPY JULY 4th!   Hope everyone has a safe, happy, and blessed weekend!





The Butterfly – YTLH- MAY

It’s the Youtube Layout Hop time again.  And it’s a special one because it’s the 3rd year Anniversary!  Congrats to the founder Zoe!

Anyway… this month’s theme was using Die Cuts.  I made my own with my Silhouette Cameo.  I had no idea what I was going for…  and I had no idea what photo I was going to use… but I had this one from the mothers day shenanigans sitting on my desk because I almost included it in a mini album but decided on another instead.  So it was just hangin’ out begging to be glued down.  I used some iphone apps to alter it…  I should do some photo app vid reviews…  because that’s probably the number one question I get… “What program did you use to get that effect?”  And sometimes it’s lightroom, but the majority of the time, it’s an app. It’s just more convenient.  I always have my phone to snap a pic, so loading it onto my computer to edit adds at least 20 extra minutes to the process.  lol. And now a days you can print from your phone soooo  …  and back to the hop…


I always get good results when I have no idea what I’m going to do.  I had a couple hours before I had to go out… and I had to get the video recorded because I always run into problems when I go to edit, so I wanted to save time at night for that.  So little time and no inspiration are a good combo.  I’m not into butterflies… but my daughter definitely is.  So when I opened up my silhouette library and saw the butterfly die, I just went for it.  I think it was a die that just came with the program. So I cut out three with an overlay of edging.  Somewhere along the way I got the idea to feed the wings through the picture… and I think the only reason this didn’t turn out cheesy is because of her expression and the colorless photo effect.  It’s an almost haunting kind of beauty.


I also meant to use the letters I cut instead of the background, but when I ripped the holes in the grey paper, the book paper behind was just too… clean looking.  So it worked better peeping through the letters.  And I did some sewing with my daughters Hello Kitty machine again.  And let me just side note again by saying that thing kicks A$$! I had to sew 20 table cloths last week for a wedding and there was neither a hiccup or a hitch to be had!  I’m thinking of sending Singer a picture of me and that kitty Janome getting married.




So again, very little product was used… I know I should be better about listing what I use.  Working on a system!  But you can look in the layout video for products or send me a message if you have any questions.


Make sure you visit all the channels in the line up and comment for a chance to win a prize from our sponsors.

Enjoy the hop!



Cocoa Daisy Scrapbooking


Xochitl Zoe Aparicio-Sanchez


Sam Wright


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Mother’s Day on the farm…

When all the grandkids are together, it’s always an opportunity for an interesting photo shoot…


Fitty-roo-madebyfitty-photography-snazaroo face paint - party-fair-michaels-craft


I was shopping on saturday for a specific project I need to get finished in the next week and in my travels I came across some kids face paint sets.  Roo immediately flipped because she’s been begging me to get face paint since probably the first time she ever got her face painted.  So I’ve been meaning to look up some face paint online, but low and behold we ran into some Snazaroo kits in Michaels.  And I know this brand, because it’s what her school always used, so I know she hasn’t had any kinda reactions to it.  So after a vote between Roo, my neice Norah, and myself, we decided we’d get it and bring it to the farm on Mother’s Day to share with my nephews as well.


02-Fitty-roo-madebyfitty-photography-snazaroo face paint - party-fair-michaels-craft

Well, I can’t lie and say they weren’t excited.

They immediately started fighting over who gets painted first.  But they ended up letting Roo go first since she was the only one who made up her mind what she wanted to be.  Then needless to say, once the oldest decided, a story started evolving and a pack of wolves was born.

Though I think the story started taking a sad twist when I found them like this:



EEEK!  And it’s even sadder that I can’t say this is the first time I’ve found them playing out a scene like this.  Last time, roo was tied to a pole and I believe they were making indian sounds while hopping on one foot circling her.  I’m not sure if we should burn the TV’s or if these are school playground games…   But regardless, roo always seems to be the victim.  I’m starting to have flashbacks of my own childhood through her. AHHHH!

06-Fitty-roo-madebyfitty-photography-snazaroo face paint - party-fair-michaels-craft

But not to worry, she came out ok.  I mean, I don’t think butterflies are a wolf’s favorite meal anyhow.  Especially a mother’s day meal…. despite that this butterfly was particularly meaty, turned out the wolves weren’t that hungry anyway.


03-Fitty-roo-madebyfitty-photography-snazaroo face paint - party-fair-michaels-craft

See!  She’s happy to be getting out though.

And I’m happy to report that this face paint was quite easy to wash off.  The weekend before the girls got their faces painted at a town-wide yard sale thing… and they stayed “colors” until about wednesday.  So points for Snazaroo!  And points that it has Roo’s name in it!  If it makes Roo feel more Snazzy, I like it.

05-Daddy-daughter-Fitty-roo-madebyfitty-photography-snazaroo face paint - party-fair-michaels-craft

This dumpster was real excited to be my prop of choice for many of the photos…   heh…

So I’m now ordered to bring the face paint to every family gathering, so I’ve certainly started something.  And it beats having them sit inside and play video games!


04-Fitty-roo-madebyfitty-photography-snazaroo face paint - party-fair-michaels-craft


Oh yea… forgot about that…


Meanwhile, in BlogUniversity…

Today’s challenge is to write a post about something that inspired us while re-working our “about me” pages.  Well… not that this blog is meant to be humorous, but when forced to think about myself, the first thing that comes to mind is just a good pile of silly.  So I was inspired to write more about the “silly” in my life.


And by write, I really mean show.  So this post might be cheating because I’m doing more of a visual post then a well thought out lots of words post…  but I like visual.

If you’re my facebook friend, this is the usual stuff I post… I try not to get too personal on facebook… because well you know… conspiracy and world domination and that sorta thing.   No, I will not tell you all the cities I’ve lived in before you could track it through my photos!!

So that’s Norma up there is the fab wig.  She was getting ready for her date with the pile of clothes on the laundry room floor.

This next pic is a bit of a fib because it’s not my dog.  It lives on my sister’s parents-in-law’s farm.  And by golly, I’ve never seen a do like that on a dog before in my life.  It begged to be photographed and pointed out!






And here we have me shopping myself into a Natalie Dee pic.  My goto gal for a quick pick me up laugh.  I give her full credit for this work.  Please visit:




This pic was in response to this frog takeover that was happening at my house.  We’d get home at night and they were EVERYWHERE!  It was nutty.  I hope it happens again.  They were so small and cute!  Who doesn’t love FROGS!  KERMIT PEOPLE!

1016651_613767861996750_1565889926_nAnd this is my best rock fren Kevin ( for those of you new here, my word for Friend is Fren.  I’m not a stellar speller, but I do know how to spell friend on Wednesdays)

So Kevin doesn’t share my enthusiasm for Sprinkles.  End of story.


1017470_588609867845883_659307621_nAnd here’s some un-delicious Pizza.

That’s all the pics I could find right now due to my spectacular fall down the stairs yesterday while carrying a decorative bin and my hard drive full of pics.  I bounced on a few steps.  The hard drive didn’t “bounce” as well as I.  It lost some pieces.  Cracked itself up if you will.  I shouldn’t even add this, but that was not my first time falling while carrying it! So I was already having to hold the usb cable onto it to keep it from falling out while I retrieved files from it.  So this time… I haven’t been successful yet as to find a way to get it to work again.  May need professional help…




Scrapbook Process- 8×10 photo

So the pile of photos from the last couple months are now holding a grudge because I laid down these before them… Sometimes, you just really get inspired by a certain collection of pics and you can’t help it.

Fitty-madebyfitty-eleanor-barbiecar-photography-scrapbooking-layout-american crafts-studio calico-roo-01 (1 of 1)


It’s been a while since I used a big photo. It’s funny how your style changes. A year or so ago, I was all about big photos and two page layouts. Now, I like small photos and one focal page. My pattern these days is a 12×12 of my fav pic, and a projectlife style spread for the details on the facing side. Like this:


Fitty-madebyfitty-eleanor-barbiecar-photography-scrapbooking-layout-project life-american crafts-studio calico-roo-02 (1 of 1)

The produce paper is from the Studio Calico April kit… but I really can’t say what else is… I was in organizing mode and just mixed the kit into my stash when I got it…

Fitty-madebyfitty-eleanor-barbiecar-photography-scrapbooking-layout-project life-american crafts-studio calico-roo-03 (1 of 1)

So I actually made a mistake when I was sewing this picture onto the background.. I’ve never met a sewing machine that liked to sew through photo paper… some less than others… so sometimes you get a little bubbling because the photo paper sticks a bit. (especially super glossy paper)

So I decided to cut along the sewn line on top of the photo and use it as a pocket for layering stuff. And this was just one of those times that a mistake ended up to be my favorite thing about a project.
And here’s the blow by blow for any craftypants peeps that are interested!



And remember, Happiness is Homemade!


Fitty-madebyfitty-eleanor-barbiecar-photography-scrapbooking-layout-project life-american crafts-studio calico-roo-04 (1 of 1)


Have a great week!

Photo share: All dressed up and goin’ nowhere

Some of you have little girls.  And some of you have little GIRLS!  I never in a million years thought I would have such a little girly girliest of the girls girl.  There is nothing TOM or BOY about it.  It’s a dress everyday no matter what we’re doing.  Like today for instance…


My mom bought this Barbie Jeep from a yard sale last summer, but it didn’t have a battery. She kept it at her house but now that she’s moving, we inherited it. It doesn’t seem to bother Eleanor in the least that it doesn’t go anywhere, she still decided to get dressed and go for a “ride”.

Barbie car - fitty -photography - Eleanor - girl-01 (CB)

And a bonus feature is the car phone. Not sure how I feel about this… Are we just training our kids to use the phone while they drive? Oh who am I kidding… they’ll have it hard wired to their hands free brains by the time she gets her license.

Barbie car - fitty -photography - Eleanor - girl-04 (1 of 1)

And I’m afraid Norma gets to ride shotgun and listen to the “pretend” music that Eleanor is singing at the top of her lungs with whether she likes it or not.


I’m pretty lucky that this kid can entertain herself anywhere, anytime, with anything… As long as she has access to her dress collection, she’s good. I could really learn from her. Every time I’m stressed about life… I could probably just put on my party dress and dance away the blues.

I do plan on getting a battery for that car before summer… we’ll see.

There’s so many Groovy things to do…

fitty-madebyfitty-oldbook-scrapbooking-studiocalico-americancrafts-coupleOne of my favorite things to do is to use old books as Scrapbooks. I’ve actually given them as gifts more than I’ve made for myself… but I have a few works in progress that I add to as I get just the right photo. I’m quite picky when it comes to what photos I use for my old book books… Old book book scrap book books. sheesh…
But with today’s apps and programs, you can pretty much make any photo look like it was taken when the book was written. And lately, I think God is trying to tell me that I was born too late. Well not lately, my whole life actually… Things of old just seem to gravitate toward me… People just give me furniture that looks like it was George Washington’s cousin’s wife’s mother-in-law’s. They leave me nik naks that look like they’ve been run over by trains. And they know that I will like them. And now I’ve moved to a house that was built in 1802… kinda by chance… so it’s all good because now my stuff matches my house! And my old book scrapbooks fit right in!


This is just more proof that anything works as a scrapbook. I used some paint and confetti to embellish. Not much involved here. It’s just about what you think looks good.  I know I always talk about doodling.  But seriously, it’s my favorite embellishment.  You don’t have to be a master artist.  That’s why it’s called doodling.  It’s mindless scribbling!  And it just looks good no matter what you do.  And if you don’t like the way it looks, cover it up with a sticker.

Seriously folks…  I’ve kinda be re-inspired to scrap some older photos..  Moving always forces you to look through old boxes… and I found the motherload of pics and old albums.  So many have good scrap potential.  I’m always torn about how to organize my scrapbooks. Like, should this one be just for this year?  Should this one be just of the dog?  Should I start a new one every year for just me and Daryl?  AHHHHH, it’s brain wracking…  So I decided that my old book scrapbooks are going to follow no rule.  They will just be.  Any photo I come across that I think would make a good arty entry to my old book will just be rendered admittance.  No questions asked.


Stay Groovy.

XO Fitty