12 Crafts of Christmas – Day 6 – Woofie Warmers

Today is for gettin’ snuggy!


I’m pretty sure many of you are pet lovers so we thought we’d incorporate a doggie/fuzzy pet project in the mix.

It’s gettin chilly out there and your wittle woofies need to keep warm!!


In this craft, we show you how to crochet a super super simple style “Woofie Warmer.”  Essentially, it’s just a mini scarf I guess you could say, but in the interest of making something suitable for a doggie, we thought we’d give it a different name.


You will need:

1.Wool/Yarn of choice

2.Crochet Hook

3. Buttons to fasten

4. Needle and thread or use yarn to attach


Like I mention in the video, the chunkier the yarn, the bigger the hook you’ll need. I am making the middle woofie warmer (shown in pic above) during the tutorial so for that I used a J sized hook.

This project uses only a single crochet stitch so it’s perfect for a beginner.  After chaining, you single crochet all the way! Then it’s edged with a slip stitch and that’s it! Attach the buttons and you’re done!

So far Norma is really enjoying her neck temperature when we go outside… heh…


I think she looks rather appropriate don’t you?

And here’s the video!  Stay tuned tomorrow for another episode of the 12 Crafts of Christmas featuring Crazy Cat and Kool Kitty again!!



On the porch

This page is just kinda something that came about because I love this picture of my baby.
She was just hanging out on the porch in her high chair and I was trying to powerwash….

So anyway…  there’s a bit of filing again going on here…  and stamping, a few cross stitches…

I took some pages out of one of those books I found on the side of the road and incorporated some lines and background points.

If you glue old pages to your paper, and then peel em’ off before the glue dries… you get the affect shown on the bottom up there. The words kinda have more staying power than the paper…  and then I filed it a little if too much paper stayed.

I’m not quite sure if I’m done with these pages…

but then again, quite often I go too far…  so I’m leaving them alone for now.