The Nut-Free Christian Home School

A lot of times, families decide to home school for reasons involving the fact that the Public School culture is essentially an atheist community. And I know that sounds like a broad statement, but if you’re not for God, you’re against Him. To me, there’s no Grey area, let alone 50 shades of, there’s only black and white. You’re either in or you’re out. You believe or you don’t.

But honestly, that wasn’t my first reason for wanting to home school, I made that decision before I came to Christ. I always kinda liked the idea of it I can’t lie, but the demands of living expenses kinda made it seem impossible. How do parents do it these days?!? We were just barely making it both working two and a half jobs. Other people spent more time with our child than we did! So I had this plan to get my teaching certificate and become a teacher and then maybe my daughter and I would at least be on the same schedule… or hey, maybe I could even work at the school my daughter went to eventually..

So I started to gather up the paperwork needed to get my daughter registered for kindergarten. I had to take a stack of papers to the doctor to fill out, another to the dentist to fill out… I had to list any nightmares my daughter had… whether she was breastfed or bottlefed…. if she ever wet the bed… what kind of delivery led her into this world… I mean, the questions went on. And I understand this doesn’t seem to phase anyone because it’s all standard protocol, but these documents I had to fill out were the starting point to investigating the Public School system and what exactly was their aim these days. I was sure things had changed since I was in school, but I couldn’t believe how much when I really started digging. I had never heard of Common Core before, and the year my daughter would start Kindergarten was the year this system was to be implemented full on. I questioned my teacher friends, I questioned other parents, I watched videos of school board meetings, I read books about it… And after reading various sources of pros and cons, the conspiracy theorist in me decided my daughter wasn’t going to be part of this experiment if I could help it. To me, it just didn’t smell right. So far, nobody could convince me that this was a program designed to actually care or help anyone’s child. And maybe I’m wrong… maybe I haven’t found that damning piece of evidence that this is actually a wonderful awesome program that is going to put a giant band-aid on “whatever’s been wrong with it” before. So please enlighten me if you think you’ve found that resource. I’d love to read it. Because like all things that are confusing in this world, finding truth is the most difficult task of all. And I’m only human like you, so I’ve just weighed the evidence like you have.

So decision made: Home school.

We sat down, we talked about it, we made it work. My husband works days and I work at night so I can teach her during the day. And there are tough times, just like things are tough for kids in Public School. For example, I really had no idea how hard it would be to teach someone to read! lol. Even if you buy the best program… (but you can’t because now you’re extra poor!) You realize your kid is just like everyone else… they’ll be great at some things, and struggle with others.


So my daughter named her school the Chocolate Milk and Vanilla Ice Cream wherever we are School. Because The Vanilla Milk and Chocolate Ice Cream wherever we are School would just be amazingly silly. And we decided to blog about it just to share some projects we do as well as get ideas from other homeschoolers. We get involved in co-ops here and there when we can, and we also do some classes at the library and community center as well as attending Awana on Friday nights. So we get to do a lot and it’s been great so far. So we really won’t be sharing things like math and science, it’ll be more like the extra fun stuff, like art projects, recipes, or ideas for outings. And being a Christian family, the biggest and only thing that matters is sharing the faith and spreading the gospel. So this is just another way of doing that as well. So I’ll be sharing any resources I come across that I find helpful as a Christian mom, as well as what books I’m currently reading.

Oh, and the “Nut-free” part of it as you probably guessed is due to our daughter’s food allergies. Whatever recipes we share will be Peanut, Tree nut, Egg, and Dairy free for the most part. Those are the recipes we call “Roo safe” (Eleanor’s nickname). My husband and I eat dairy but we don’t allow any nut products in the house. Anything with a non-dairy product can be substituted with dairy usually anyway.. but this is the reason for all the “vegan” recipes. We are not a vegan family, but when it comes to her allergies, making it vegan just automatically cuts out the dairy and egg so if anyone is Vegan, it’s easier for them to be able to use the recipe if I just call it Vegan. We are currently on a mission to detox our diets so although we always bought food based on what was cheapest, we are now in the process of doing a total make-over due to the harmful ingredients in Big Food. It’s another financial sacrifice… we’re eating better food, but a little less of it. If it’s not certified organic and GMO-free or from the farm I am standing in when I get it, I try very hard not to buy it. I mean, the recalls alone lately would have most people thinking a little harder about buying anything packaged. We all slip up, but I think once we really get in the groove, we won’t even need to think about it.

So that’s the story so far! It may change over time, but for now this is what we’re goin’ with! Thanks for taking the time to read this! God Bless and take care!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my husband’s blog:


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