Close to my heart- Sugar Rush – stamping and fussy cutting – Love Art

Lately Friday nights have been crafty. 


Last friday we stayed up late again with some watercolors.  I love how kids can just come up with 10 paintings in one night and adults can maybe…  maybe complete one.


So I decided to snap a pic of her painting in her light up kitty ear headphones and scrap it… immediately.  lol.

The stamp set I used was the January Stamp of the month set.

This month is is this:

Easter Bunny

So you can get prepared for Easter!  lol.  It’s a good idea to take advantage of the stamp of the month, because you can get it for $5 with a qualifying order. And then it’s gone…. sniff sniff….


So for this layout I made embellishments by stamping, coloring and fussy cutting. You can see this process in the video below.

Stuff I used in this layout:

Micro tip Scissors

Water colors

Water color pencils

Sugar Rush kit

Foam tape


And then I made a coordinating pocket page for the other side.  This seems to be my go-to style.  One 12×12 and a pocket page….  lol.

We did a part 1 and part 2 process since it was kinda long…



We’ll be back for more crafting next week!  God Bless!



Ritty and Foo


I mean… Fitty and Roo!








Wilna’s Bear Coffee Cup Challenge

So this past friday night, Eleanor and I were hanging in the craft room and felt like watching some crafty vids on youtube while we played with glue and stuff. I scrolled through my subscriptions and came upon Wilna Furstenberg. And I was like.. “Yes!” She is our favorite paper crafter to watch on Youtube and it had been a while since we tuned in. So the first video we came across was this adorable coffee cup album featuring these adorable bears. As we continued to watch, she started talking about having a contest for whomever makes one of these albums and shares it on instagram. So we looked at each other and said, “Let’s DO IT!” And then we immediately scrambled into the kitchen to look for some paper coffee cups. We didn’t find any. It was almost 11pm. We walked out into the living room to ask Daryl if he thought Dunkin Donuts might still be open. He said yes and requested a hot chocolate. That was good enough for us, so we hopped in the car and drove to DD.

They were closed.

But luckily across the street from Dunkin is a McDonalds. That was open, so we decided to grab a few cups of hot beverage there. We got back home, dumped the liquid, and started working.

Wilna had links to some downloads we could use in the album. First, there were the ADORABLE watercolor bear images that she created! And also there were beautiful frames you could use to embellish your album. She also included cut files you could use for your Silhouette Cameo. Part of me is glad she included these cut files because it forced me to finally try out the print and cut feature on this machine. I can’t believe how long I’ve had my Silhouette and have never print and cut. It was so easy. And it really saved time fussy cutting images.

I was originally going to make my album about Norma, but as I scrolled through my phone, I had all these pictures of Eleanor posing in her Christmas Eve dress that I decided it would be a good way to use them.


Here are the details for this challenge if anyone else would like to play along:

You should visit her site anyway because she is amazing! Love her.

Eleanor chose to feature her new baby cousin Joshua. Sometimes I think she thinks he’s her doll that she can just play with as she pleases. So far, he lets her. He’s quite a content little guy. So we printed out some of the pics I had of them for her album. The cover is a cute snapchat pic of him as a deer. lol.  He makes a pretty cute little deer.



She loved the bear illustrations so much I think she used them all! They are adorable. The one I chose for my cover has a little dog on it’s head… which is why I originally wanted to do an album about Norma, … I might still do that. I saved another coffee cup.   On top of a lot of bears, Eleanor also used a bucket of hot glue sticks. I had to pick a lot of strings off her album when she was done. lol.  And it also made her album much bulkier than mine. I think she did a great job. It came out super cute!

We had so much fun making these albums. If anyone else decides to try one, we’d love to see it! The instagram hashtag is #bearscoffeecupchallenge.

Anyway, thanks again Wilna for the inspiration. See ya’ll later!


God Bless!





So all that happened this weekend…  as well as Roo giving Kevin an extensive makeover which has now left him unrecognizable…

….   and in other news…

Happy Memorial Day a bit late…   Thank you to all those who have lost their lives serving for our country and all those who who are serving currently! A thank you is not enough…

Roo had her ride in a first as far as parades go…  she joined Graceway Bible Church and her Awana friends for the Hamilton parade.


I tried to hold together the camera lens long enough to snap a few pics…  didn’t quite want to focus…  Some part of me didn’t really think it was broken.  I mean… it was still holding on… Well part of it is still holding on to the base… lol.. I just thought it was going to take me an extra 5 minutes to take a photo each time.  Highly annoying, but doable and 1 out of 10 might be in focus… no big…

oh well…


I also thought it was funny that this dress Roo chose to wear has survived at least 6 closet purges in Roo’s room over the past two years…

We made it for July 4th 2013:


and I think merely because she wears it often even just around the house, we just kept it in the rotation…

Besides the outer tuley layer it’s all jersey knit, so it’s quite stretchy.

Next year it will called a “top” instead of a “dress.”


I like her choice of footwear as well…

because these red star boots she used to always wear with it, (even in the summer)  are definitely too small and have now been passed down to smaller feet.


I just realized I have a handful of scrapbook layouts of her in this dress…

I think for this July 4th we’ll have to make something new…


The good news is the phone still works!  Perhaps I’ll embellish it with some cute washi and packing tape!  I have to say though…  I’ve dropped that iphone 4 soo soo soo many times, I’m actually shocked it took me this long to finally break it.  And this time it just kinda fell out of my sweatshirt pocket as I was taking it off.


Well, it seems my daughter has the same fetish for glasses as I do…  only difference, she can see without them…    But she’s not quite 3 so I’m sure that will change. Based on genetics, she has a slim chance of anywhere close I CAN SEE WITHOUT HELP!!!

Anyway, so she’s been so attached to these little glasses that were an accessory to a build a bear chickie that I got her for Easter.

And since Easter, I’ve noticed I have a good pile of pics of her wearing these Harry Potter type glasses… and she just looks so darn cute!

So i decided to do some scrap with them…


Because some new youtube scrappy friend Melovebono had posted a challenge, and I decided to participate… I REALLY WANT a $30 to Jo-ANNS… or any other craft store of my choice!

Here’s my vid response: MEloveBONOchallenge

And then, I decided some of the other pics with the glasses would work for my card from my daughter to Dad:

And the card:

 And if you want to see how smart they make her, friend me on Facebook and you can watch her in action…  lol…  Find me: Fitty Updike, or my page: Madebyfitty


Catching up on babyness

So I was re-organizing my photo collection and came across these from when Eleanor was about 7 months old. I can’t believe she was such a ham already… Well, she was a canned ham, and now she’s pretty mobile.

So we started kinda like this… a couple papers, a water squirty pen thing… and some watercolors.
You can see a couple stages of the flowers in this photo. I cut out 2″ scalloped circles, wet them with the squirty pen (any spayer will do… even dabbing a little water and letting it soak in). After they’re good and wet, crinkle em up into balls. Let em’ sit a few minutes, then open em’ up. Don’t open em’ flat because you want that wrinkled look. You can actually start to shape them at this point to how you’d like them to dry.

And though I have the worst handwriting in parts of the world… I love sloppy handwriting for scrapbooking. It just becomes another embellishment. ya know… I hate the word EMBELLISHMENT. I don’t know why. It’s like… too good for itself or something. embellish… maybe we should shorten it to bellish. Let’s BELLISH THAT PAGE! But that page is nothing like a bell although if it chimed, I’m sure it’d sound like Elvis on a tuesday night. Saturday has a higher probability for brain-power diminishing activity. Then again… shut up fits.

Long story short… and without further interruption.