So all that happened this weekend…  as well as Roo giving Kevin an extensive makeover which has now left him unrecognizable…

….   and in other news…

Happy Memorial Day a bit late…   Thank you to all those who have lost their lives serving for our country and all those who who are serving currently! A thank you is not enough…

Roo had her ride in a first as far as parades go…  she joined Graceway Bible Church and her Awana friends for the Hamilton parade.


I tried to hold together the camera lens long enough to snap a few pics…  didn’t quite want to focus…  Some part of me didn’t really think it was broken.  I mean… it was still holding on… Well part of it is still holding on to the base… lol.. I just thought it was going to take me an extra 5 minutes to take a photo each time.  Highly annoying, but doable and 1 out of 10 might be in focus… no big…

oh well…


I also thought it was funny that this dress Roo chose to wear has survived at least 6 closet purges in Roo’s room over the past two years…

We made it for July 4th 2013:


and I think merely because she wears it often even just around the house, we just kept it in the rotation…

Besides the outer tuley layer it’s all jersey knit, so it’s quite stretchy.

Next year it will called a “top” instead of a “dress.”


I like her choice of footwear as well…

because these red star boots she used to always wear with it, (even in the summer)  are definitely too small and have now been passed down to smaller feet.


I just realized I have a handful of scrapbook layouts of her in this dress…

I think for this July 4th we’ll have to make something new…


The good news is the phone still works!  Perhaps I’ll embellish it with some cute washi and packing tape!  I have to say though…  I’ve dropped that iphone 4 soo soo soo many times, I’m actually shocked it took me this long to finally break it.  And this time it just kinda fell out of my sweatshirt pocket as I was taking it off.


Pictures of Eleanor – Jackson Park

Jackson Park

I think the only way to stop me from taking pictures of Eleanor everywhere she goes is to get a puppy, or have another kid. I don’t know if it’s because I just like taking pictures… or that she’s always a willing and pose-able subject… or it’s just a mom thing. I honestly thought I’d get tired of taking her picture by now… but I honestly feel like she gets more beautiful everyday. (That’s def. a mom thing…)


So anyway… I usually do a lot of APP editing to my photos. So the previous two photos I ran through one of my fav. photo apps called Phototoaster. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before..
But here’s one of the photos in the raw below so you can see the diff. I didn’t do much, just added one filter called Aquatic. ( my favorite filter I’ve ever come across in any app!! Who doesn’t wanna look like they’re in water? Not anyone I know!) So I think this one filter added so much! It pulled her out of all that green background and really made her the feature.


So there are a lot of cool filters in this app… you can mess with it on your own, or they have pre-sets. Very worth the $1.99 for the 5.0 version. I’ve used the fiddlesticks out of it! I think photo apps are the only ones I pay for. Especially if you scrapbook… and are doing project life or smashing… or any of that… it’s the quickest way to edit aside from pluggin’ your camera into your computer. And most of ya’ll know how to print from your mobile devices so… what’s the prob. Spend a dollar and save your memories in a artsy way! Didn’t you just spend $1.82 on a bagel this morning? And that’s gone already isn’t it??? …thought so.

The following photos are not edited.. but I might still go back and play with em’.  I have to go through the other 70 and see if any are print-worthy.


OH, and lemme just plug another app while I’m at it. Though this series of pictures were not edited, I did throw them into a collage app called DIPTIC. It’s basically just that… a collage app, but you can move your frames around which comes in handy. And I think you can add text… (honestly haven’t used it that much…) And it’s FREE!


I was actually shooting in monochrome for the first half of the park visit… which I normally don’t do. I don’t know why, but I tend to edit the color mostly after… but I like the way the monochrome ones shot…


And the hair-style she’s sporting is called… combed out after being in a bun for two days! I actually trimed it a bit this morning due to many many knots. So it was fluffier than usual.

Well I’m gonna put my cheese and crackers away and call it a night!

xo Fitter