Doodle Doosday!

Today is Doodle Doosday!

Since the theme of life for the next few weeks is Adventure time, we decided to pick a character from that show to sketch.

He’s so adorable!!!  ahhhhhh

Anyway, so we decided to draw BMO this week!

If you’d like to join us, here is a vid of us drawing and babbling as usual!

We’d love to see your BMOs if you decide to draw along!
Here are our sketches:


I think Roo did an awesome job!

Join us next tuesday for another character drawing session!

Now go read your Bible!

Love, Fitty


Bible Journaling- Psalm 42:1

Psalm 42:1

“As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.” ESV


I actually drew this because my husband said to.  Lol.  Nothing mysterious or abstract… it’s quite a literal illustration of the words. It’s a female deer as of now… but who knows… maybe I’ll add some antlers down the line.  Maybe it’s my dog…   yea, I think I’ll add those antlers.



That’s a little better…

So I’m starting to really like using crayons in my Bible. They just seem to work really well with the type of paper…   who knew?!  Besides that I used mostly my journaling pens, a pencil, and a couple gelatos.

I asked some friends of mine if I could highlight some of their music in these videos and was so happy when they agreed!  So in this video, my friend Jhoi supplied the tracks.  You can check out his music here:

It’s just gorgeous gorgeous stuff! Definitely go take a listen.

And here’s my process video:

Thanks for taking some time with me and Jhoi today! Have a blessed week and just remember, when things get tough… be the deer. Pant for the flowing streams and everything else will follow rightly!

xo, Fitty


Made by Fitty Layout for LIKES drawing!

Made by Fitty facebook page

Made by Fitty Prize drawing for Likes

Ok, on a mission to boost some MADEbyFITTY webstats!  SO I’m GIVING AWAY a custom 12 x 12 scrapbook layout, made to order, with your photos!  Just hit the “like” button on my facebook page.  That’s it!

And all likers, current and new will be tossed into a bag on friday, and the liker I pull gets the prize.

And thank you to all my current customers, It’s great to have been crafty with you!

Also, don’t forget, I now offer my services through Etsy, so buy someone a special gift for that new baby!  Or that couple about to take the plunge!  Or that friend whose kid just does the funniest stuff! Or if you book just needs some help bulking up…

Good luck!!