Friday Scrapbooking – Dance


It’s been a while…


But I got the urge to scrap some book the other night.  I had some cute pics from Roo’s dance recital so … I thought I’d start with them. Annnnnndd…. I did … one.  Go me!  And the one I did was actually from in the car on the way to the dress rehearsal.  lol.  So… didn’t even make it to the actual recital day yet. But hopefully… soon.


Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal

Ya know… honestly, I was worried about this dance school.  I’ve seen some dance recitals… and I’ve seen some dance costumes.  And… I’ve seen dancing with the stars when my mom watches it.  lol.  And overall, I kinda feel the whole of it to be inappropriate. Especially dancing with the stars. I actually don’t really want Roo watching it. Now I’m basing this on mostly what media I’ve seen… so in this culture, this lines up exactly with all other media I’ve seen… From magazines to TV, it’s pretty much all inappropriate. So without getting into more detail, I’ll just say these things worried me when she started at a dance academy. This school was recommended by my cousin and it sounded good so we tried it. She started there this year with two classes: Combo, and hip-hop. She absolutely loved them. I mean, I didn’t expect anything else. What little girl wouldn’t love dance class? But honestly, she dances constantly… I don’t think I could’ve gotten away with not enrolling her somewhere for dance. She dances when we walk to the car… she dances in the produce aisle… she dances in the shower… she dances through our church band practice… She just never. stops. She has a broken full length mirror that she carries around the house to watch herself dance. And then my sister bought her a new full length mirror, so she keeps the broken one in the living room, and the new one in her room so she doesn’t have to carry it back and forth. I think I may have to eventually set up some kinda dance room for her. So maybe every little girl is like this, but for now, I am letting her explore this dance thing.


And after recital day was over, I let out a big sigh of relief. Because to me, this school focused on dance, and absolutely nothing was inappropriate. The costumes were adorable. The dances were tasteful and just… beautiful. And it was overall a fun day. I hung out with Roo and her little dance friends backstage most of the time and we snacked and played Uno. It was kinda like camping out.


So next year, we’ve added some classes. I had to tell her that she couldn’t take every class just yet. Sheesh. And bonus, they have a cat…  I think his name is Cookie. But since we won’t allow her to have a cat at home (allergies), the owner of the Dance Academy, Debbie, told Roo she can pretend it’s her cat when she’s there. She is so sweet… along with all the teachers. Just a really nice pile of people.

All That Jazz Dance Academy


So as far as the actual scrapbooking goes, I made a process video. Much like the bible journaling videos, we want to get in the habit of doing a weekly video for scrapbooking or some kinda memory keeping as well. We kinda fell off the horse for a while…  And I am sooo sooo far behind!

For this layout I used:

Watercolors, gelatos, journaling pens, Heidi Swapp texture paste with drywall tape, enamel dots, wood veneer letters, speedball black ink, trim and ribbon scraps, and some scrapbook paper.


So here is the process in speedy style:

And here’s a little bonus vid while I was reminiscing…. Every night is a dance party around here!… ya know… starting 6 years ago.


Trees… I’ve always been a fan.



There’s no loving paper without loving trees!  …If love were hurting someone in the name of pretty paper! Or if love were making something disappear!  Not unlike a tasty dessert!
But. I. digress…

So this 12 x 12 I’m not actually sure I like yet…  but in the spirit of “don’t trash everything that isn’t appealing to you right from the getgo,” I decided to keep it for now.

I have a few pics of roo with her favorite tree…  we should probably name it.



And really, I didn’t pick the best one to feature…  I’ll probably use the rest for the opposing page… but I picked it because I figured since it had writing on it already, I could just use that as my title.



So for the background, I decided I wanted to play with modeling paste again… but not with a stencil… so I just kinda threw it on there with a spatula in the rough shape of a tree.  At some point in my process I thought to myself… this is kinda lookin like a toddler’s art project… but I didn’t quit cos I figured by the time I tossed a bunch of other stuff on top, it would take on a more abstract look.


IMG_2753I do like how the modeling paste added texture to the trees.  Def took it a step up…. and I couldn’t resist cutting out a couple birdies from one of the cardstocks that came in the June Studio Calico kit.

The kit also included a giant quote… and I had planned on trying to use that in the background somewhere, but it would’ve covered most of page, so I decided instead to just copy the quote (I wasn’t really concerned that it could be read… the words were more for decoration)



The little bit of aqua blue string that came in the kit also I ended up just looping around the top and some integrated in the layering under the photo.  I figured the two birds (Raymond and Harriett) might need some extra bits for their nest.



My favorite thing in the kit were this little round slices of tree trunk.  I can just imagine they came from a tiny tree in a tiny forest full of tiny people on a tiny speck on a tiny clover that a GIANT elephant is holding to keep it from….  wait… what…




Well anyhow… like it or not, I went to the trouble to record the process, so I figured I might as well share!  lol…

Here is the video…

I seriously considered doing a voice-over, but I just love sharing music! So… maybe next time… 🙂


White Prismatic Paper (Bazzill)

Patterned Paper:

Vintage Charm (Crate Paper)
A grey paper that I cut the label off so I’m not sure who made it

6×12″ Sticker Sheet (Life-Love-Paper for Studio Calico)
Sunny Day Color Theory Acrylic Paint (Studio Calico)
Something Blue Color Theory Acrylic Paint (Studio Calico)
Opaque Gems (Studio Calico)
Foam Stamps Set (Hello Forever for Studio Calico)
5 Cut Wood Circles (Studio Calico)

On top of that, I also used these items that I had in my stash:

Modeling paste
Acrylic paint
Mr. Huey’s color mist in Dessert
Close to my Heart’s Liquid Glass
Close to my Heart’s inkpad in Slate and Blush
Tim Holtz’ Tiny Attacher (LOVE THAT THING!)

Weekend Revisual: Project life July 20-21, 2013

Hi there frens!

Had a great weekend!  Just wanted to throw out some weekend pics, and then how we put them together for a weekend project life spread!

This first collage was actually made with a windows app called Turbocollage.  So far, a benefit is the ability to use a lot of pics in one collage…. like 20!  So I was able to sum up a birthday party pretty completely in three 4×3′ spots on my PL layout.  Well… plus a couple 4×6’s that stood out…


Here’s some of the other pics we used:






And here’s our spread!





And here’s a video Roo did to tell you a very quick version of the entire weekend’s activities…  she also goes on to demonstrate some Gelatos…  so if you’re in need of toddler entertainment…  it’s right here….  in a barbie dress.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your crafty week!