New Jersey Scrapbook

So in order to learn about New Jersey, we’re putting together a kinda scrap book. We started it on ART day last week and it’s going to be a more long term project. We’ll add to it as we get more information. (I know what you’re thinking… isn’t every day ART day?) The answer is yes. Every day is ART day in some fashion… but since thursdays in middle school were with my fav Art teacher Mrs. Falk, I’ve just designated that day to be Art day here.

I used one of these binder handbooks that have just a kraft kinda cover so you can paint em, or glue stuff to em… really anything. You could even wallpaper em if you want.
Scrapbook-homeschool-fitty-new jersey-art-craft-geography

I honestly haven’t been to a craft store in a while, so I’m not sure if other brands make these… in this size. But you could also get one that’s already got a pattern on it… Or just use a regular old binder with the clear pocket in front to add a title. Anything!

Scrapbook-homeschool-fitty-new jersey-art-craft-geography-1

Eleanor decided she wanted to paint it like the beach because that’s her favorite part of New Jersey. So she made a sky… a little bit of grass… the water…

And then she got the idea to add some shells that were in the Hermit crab cage. And we actually did get em from the Jersey Shore, so it was perfect.

Scrapbook-homeschool-fitty-new jersey-art-craft-geography-5

And then I introduced her to modeling paste. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

SHE’S NOW ADDICTED. to modeling paste.

It started as just making some texture for the sand at the bottom… then it turned into a way to glue on the shells… it was everywhere! But that’s ok, because that’s why Grandpa made us these craft tables for easy clean up! Plus this sewing mat I have just ends up being a paint, glue, mess catcher anyway. But don’t worry too much about your kids doing any damage with modeling paste. It gets almost gummy when you wet it, so it peels off of most surfaces.

So anyway, now she wants to use modeling paste for everything. She used it in place of a glue stick in the book to attach paper to paper…

but hey, it’s her book so I let her do whatever she wanted!

And of course she topped it off with pink Color Shine and pink glitter.For the inside front page, we drew a picture of New Jersey and colored it.

Scrapbook-homeschool-fitty-new jersey-art-craft-geography-3

Yes, that’s modeling paste holding on that “Home sweet Home” card…

Scrapbook-homeschool-fitty-new jersey-art-craft-geography-4

So far her favorite thing she learned was the the State fruit was the blueberry… because she loves to eat em and one of her buddies Connor calls them Bloobs… I should ask him how he spells that.. Bluebs? Seems like I can get in trouble with that one…

Scrapbook-homeschool-fitty-new jersey-art-craft-geography-2

She can’t seem to remember who the Governor is, but the capital sticks a bit better. lol.

So anway, it’s a work in progress… we’ll update when we get more in there.


God Bless New Jersey!


Jersey Smash

Here’s just another smashed page from another good day in Jersey Pennsylvania!
I know a lot of bad days have been going around due to the past couple weeks of nightmare weather, and I can’t even begin to understand the devastation that some people are dealing with now… but I know there are gobs of good days to be had and are starting to get made in the making of being made to be making good of more days…. of noodles… and noodling noods of needles. Yes. SMASHThe too light blue paint fumes are seeping through my skull and I can’t be held accountable for what words make up this post.
In other news:
I’m postponing the first workshop due to power outages and the like… Not having the interwebs just kinda held up my supplies and togetherness puttings. So… now that it’s back, it’s time for thanksgivings already!!! AHHHH I can’t believe it. Nough’ said. Time to think about a different color to paint these walls…