Ladies with Lenses – a twelve by twelver

WEEEEEEE! What we did with the Studio Calico June kit (so far…)
The following pic is actually the back of the 12 x 12 layout. Sometimes the back looks cool enough to use as a background for another layout.. haven’t decided yet. But this is all my sewing nonsense…  no thyme or reason… or sage. But def. cinnamon!

So anyway, this post is really about spending time with your kid(s). A lot of people tell you to enjoy them while they’re young and don’t hate you yet… so I decided to listen damn it!
It’s all true and that’s why I’m just trying to enjoy every second with her. I have a couple jobs, like most moms these days so most of my day is spent away from my daughter, but when I come home… I feel like spending time with her is more important than rushing her off to bed. Schedule Smedule!
So we have fun no matter the day or time! And since my daughter is a veteran at making videos of herself… I decided it would be fun to do a youtube series with her.
We call it Ladies with Lenses. When I got all those stickers from Paperchase, I also found a pencil topper that was a pair of glasses. They were so cute, and as soon as Roo saw them, she immediately took em’ over. So when she grabbed them during our first “share” video, the title of the series was born.


And we invited Norma in to take part in the lenses wearing!

She looks nerdtastic in them I think!
So in true Project Life fashion, I decided this was an opportunity to make a layout as well to document the start of our video fun… however long it lasts…


The products used are all from the latest Studio Calico scrapbooking kit:

ROUNDABOUT Scrapbook Kit

Kraft (American Crafts)
Vanilla (American Crafts)
Surf (American Crafts)
Blush Red Medium (Bazzill)

Patterned Paper:
Carte Postale “Canal Street” (Basic Grey)
Pack Your Bags (Simple Stories)
Divine this line (ILS)
Jet Set (Simple Stories)
Today (Paislee Press)
Pier “Carousel” (Crate Paper)
Optimism (Studio Calico)
Sky Atlas (Studio Calico)

Black & White Die Cut Clouds (Studio Calico)
Acetate Alpha (Basic Grey)
1 Yard Airmail Divine Twine (Whisker Graphics)
2×2 Stamp Set ( Life-Love-Paper for Studio Calico)
3×3 Photo Overlays (Crate Paper)
Silver Stars (Basic Grey)
Camera and Geo Tag Resin (Freckled Fawn for Studio Calico)
Urban Traveler Chipboard Stickers (Simple Stories)

So I have plenty left for tons more LO’s and PL’s.

Here’s the building of this layout via Youtube:

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Don’t pretend you outgrew stickers!!

IMG_0131So there used to be a Borders in the local mall.  And it’s life there was short…  but while it was there, I enjoyed it’s beans and stationary.  And by beans, I mean brew… and by stationary, I mean PAPERCHASE!    Man, I love paperchase stuff.  Pencils… notebooks, photo albums, lunch boxes, .. and stickers. And when border closed, I went a while without cool stickers… until I started looking around online. And just recently I got the crazy idea to actually search for paperchase products online…  duh.  (btw, paperchase is having a sale right now…  link up there too.  So anyway, me and Roo scored all these juicy sticks right from the source!  Look at those tapes and buses!  C’mon!!

I used to be anti-sticker.  True story.  Well, not anti-sticker in general, but anti-sticker in scrapbooking.  I was like…  NOOOOO… you can’t just slap a sticker down?!  That’s cheesy cheating!  You must stamp it out or draw it or burn that image onto your page!

But then again, stickers have come a long way since I started scrapbooking.  In the beginning it was leave stickers for fall… and it was flip flops for summer and that was about it folks.

I started getting back into the sticker habit when I started teaching piano lessons.  They were my “bribe” for a while…   (didn’t even work half the time!) .. but occasionally upsetting would happen when I withheld them for a bad performance.  (I’m so mean!)

But now I’m def. addicted for my own reasons…  I really can’t say what those reasons are…  but some folks out there are making some pretty sweet sticks and I am eating them up and on the hunt!


Having said that, I do have to admit that scrapbooking is still not the main event for my stickers though.  I use them mostly in my planner…  or just to decorate notes for friends and family…  and also for my students.

So in conclusion.  Give stickers a chance!  They might really get stuck on you…  like for reals…

oh, and here’s a video me and Roo made to express further our enjoyment of the aboved referenced topic.

We started a new series on Youtube called Ladies with Lenses…  It’s just a chance for us to be silly… and share crafty stuff…

So thanks for being here and have a FANTASTIC week!  Weeeeee!